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Hi everyone, I have a question on testing and whether or not there is a benefit to having a child tested?   My daughter is 5 and we suspect she is gifted. She was talking in sentences at 9 months, having adult conversations at 1, could say her abc's and count to 20 by 15 months, started reading at 3, now reads at probably a 5th grade level. She loves math and can add or subtract with ease, but also has recently started to multiply numbers. Her vocabulary is...
95 % needs to be organic!
Would love this! My hubby is pretty easy in that he will babywear no matter what, but I know for a lot of guys plain prints is a great way to get them to babywear!
Thanks again everyone! I think maybe I'm just trying to compare too much. When my older daughter was 7 months, she was saying quite a lot already so that is why I was wondering. I'll just wait and see what happens and just enjoy both of them now!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It has been super helpful to read. Here is another question I have. Does giftedness continue on in your other children? My daughter who is definitely gifted verbally is 2.5, but I have another daughter who is 7 months in whom I see no verbal gifting. Perhaps I am just comparing the two too much? Anyone have any thoughts on that?
I have this same issue with a very good friend of mine. Her son is just now starting to talk, while mine has been talking since before one. It has been hard because often she compares and says things. I just try and reassure her it is normal and try not to let it bug her. I'll be interested in seeing the other responses.
Thank you everyone! I just don't want to ever push her to do more than she is ready for. Sometimes I think I expect too much from her because she acts like a 4 year old rather than a 2 year old. Thanks!
Hi, I'm new here but have lurked quite awhile before I ever joined. I was referred to this board about a year ago through another board. I had asked on that board about my daughter (who is now 2.5). She is extremely gifted verbally. Far ahead of her peers. At one year old, she was talking in sentences. At 2.5 she continually amazes us with all she knows and we can have an adult conversation with her. My question is-will this giftedness continue in her life? Also, how...
New Posts  All Forums: