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New Jersey puts it in the window too.
Whittard is one of my favorite tea places. They do ship to the US :)     http://www.whittard.co.uk/china/china_teapots
Dido/ditto, which doesn't make sense to me anyway. If a person has never seen it in writing or something, and is basing their spelling off of sound, wouldn't they write "diddo"?
I would say take a picture of the skirts you have that you want to match to and head to H&M. For the price the clothes are pretty good quality. They have so many different things there, and you can find something in between tshirt and fancy blouse. Casual blouses I guess? . For instance:   Plus, they have basics to layer with.     Ok, I can't shop at this store, too expensive...
-Woodstock wind chimes. My mom is a windchime snob (had no idea a person could even be a snob about that!), and she only buys Woodstock brand. I admit they do sound much nicer than the ones you see at the drugstores, but anyway... they sound so nice and remind me of living at my mom's :)   -The highway from a distance. Once again, reminds me of my mom's. She lives in a country setting, about 3 miles from the highway. At night in the summer it's a low rumble, not too...
I second that! I had a plain white cloth (I think it was bamboo actually) liner and I loved it. It didn't get all nasty at all. Now we have shower doors, which aren't as pretty, IMO.     For soap scum and mineral buildup I used baking soda paste, or borax, but mostly baking soda. Our shower would get bad, we had really really hard water. I would just scrub it down with the baking soda, rinse really well, then wipe it down with 50/50 vinegar/water and a cloth. To get the...
  I think your friend is a Legend of Zelda fan :D   My son's name isn't weird, uncommon but easy to pronounce. It is however spelled oddly. I sometimes get comments on the spelling, but whatever, he can spell it fine, and it's spelled exactly as it pronounced.   I agree, once babies are here and already named people are less likely to say anything.   OP, you probably had you baby already, so congrats :)      
I'm all reversed, I think Kelly is hilarious... and I'm not a Will Ferrell fan at all. Kind of sad Kelly is leaving :(    
Thanks Mamas! He is most definitely interested, and very excited to start. He just looks so little to me, it's good to know many kids start that young.   I really just want him to find something that's "him", if you know what I mean. I didn't have that, but all my friends seemed to, one rode horses, another played flute, one was a swimmer... you get the idea.    
Things really aren't any more dangerous now than when I grew up.   But anyway, I played in the woods growing up and I LOOOOVED it. It was so pretty back there. My parents have about 3 acres, which isn't a huge amount, but it's decent enough for a kid. Their property is edged by low stone walls, so it's pretty impossible to get lost there, as long as I stayed within our own land. I also used to go to the lake with my friends, and sometimes take my little sister, which...
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