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I love my Maya Tie- the wrap-like straps can be spread across my shoulders, my back or front, and across Baby's bottom, for more comfort for all! Unfortunately, Maya  Wrap isn't making these anymore, and I had to search pretty hard for mine :(
We're in Noblesville/Westfield, but in Lebanon almost weekly since DH's family all lives there. I'm due in early March! There are a few 'crunchy' families in Lebanon that I know, but you're right, they're harder to come by. 
We give our one-year-old raw milk  As always with raw milk, know your source. If you're comfortable with the rest of your family drinking it, it should be fine for your toddler. And, my strategy- don't mention it to the doctor!
Moby for the early weeks.   Ergo for Dad, and quick trips, or a potentially napping babe.   Maya Tie (discontinued) for longer wearing of my toddler. The tall back will allow him to fit this for a long time, the wrap-like straps spread the weight over my shoulders and chest evenly, making it very comfortable. The fact that I can tie it to the desired tightness is great- I feel like I get a better fit than the Ergo.
BOY!   I'm excited my son is gonna have a little brother! (also, that we don't need to go shopping, and have plenty of hand-me-downs!)
EVERYONE (me included) thinks this baby is a girl. We find out in less than a week!   This pregnancy has been so different- I've been sicker, I've felt less 'glowing', feeling more hormonal, I feel like I'm carrying higher, I'm feeling less movement than this time last pregnancy. I think everyone's thinking (hoping) it's a girl for those reasons. I say 'hoping' because of the statistics- there are no girls in my husband's family. He has 3 brothers, no sisters; we...
What a beautiful story! I'm really struggling with the decision to birth in a hospital, and your story has given me hope that it can be OK :)
I made an announcement via photo, too!      
I wasn't sick AT ALL last time around with DS, so the sickness this time around has caught me off-guard. I'm not 'unbearably nauseous' unless I let myself get hungry- then, all bets are off. The little I did feel 'off' last time was over by 11 weeks, so sitting here at 14 weeks still sick has been an (unwelcome) surprise.    (and, everyone tells me I must be having a girl this time, because I'm feeling icky!)
I think the advice "Your mileage may vary" applies to the cheap China diapers. I liken it to buying jeans- You can buy jeans at Walmart, they'll cost less, they may not last as long or fit as well, and they were made under questionable work conditions, but you saved money. Well-made jeans cost more, will last longer, fit better, and may have been produced in more ethical conditions, but will be a larger upfront cost. Some people have great experiences with China...
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