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Thanks everyone.
  Spots. 3 so far. light brown and light pink. I checked cervix when I noticed them, and it had dropped back down. and then it disappeared again. Boobs have not shrunk back either, like they normally do, well before I start to bleed with a miscarriage. That, and my temps have not bottomed out either. Could be run of them mill normal or not!
I have looked into this, and ultimately, it sounds like the best way to retain all the properties, is to make a tincture and frozen pills. Dehydration, and all the processing to get it powdered, is going to kill off too much of the good stuff.
I love the style. The concept? Dumber then a rock I think. It makes no sense in the long run. But! I am going to make a few tops like those, now!
I get them from my new favorite company. They even have a non GMO acerola powder I really like!http://livesuperfoods.com/garden-of-life-vitamin-code-raw-b-complex.html I also eat very traditional. Just finished a cup of bear bone broth, and am working on a bottle of home made kombucha, that has the bee pollen and acerola powder added to it.And you reminded me to dig out the desiccated liver I made, that is buried in the back of the fridge!I trust I will have a BIG headed...
I eat good quality bee pollen, fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil, and a live probiotic B complex daily as a rule, so all I did was up the amount of each a bit. Edited to add, Magnesium Chloride and Glycinate too!
What is the very latest one would go in for a 1st appointment? I am hesitant with my history of miscarriages, to go in till the 12 week, if not later.
I am just over 6 weeks now, and have the following symptoms. Extreme bloating and gas off and on. Boobs growing bigger each week, though not too sore. Sensitive, yes. Nausea only happens for a minute here and there, and I have a hint of dizziness off and on too. I also have a low and dull ache in the unterine area that is pretty constant, and has been for a good 3 weeks now. I have been healing my gut and storing up minerals etc for years now. Magnesium chloride oil on my...
I am planning to just switch to the Coobie. I go braless at home already, and only wear a super soft , non supporting sports bra when I go anywhere. The coobie will give me room to grow without binding anything.
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