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Hooray, Friederike! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Redrock: Aren't those early ultrasounds amazingly reassuring? Hooray for a healthy little one! Hi to everyone else!
Since our daughter was born a week ago, our two-year-old's behavior has become substantially more challenging. Some of the time he is still sweet and cuddly and funny, but too often he is throwing things, screaming, not listening when we say no, etc. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Any encouraging stories about this being a relatively short phase? Thanks!
She's here! Our little one (a girl!) arrived November 25 after a relatively smooth home birth. We're thrilled to have her here!
Congratulations, AMT!
So many cute babies! Knitting: 7 months! WOW! I'm glad that kindergarten is going well! Mrs: It sounds so sweet that M and O are noticing each other. And sleeping better! Very impressive baby skills. Granite: Hooray for your gorgeous baby! Good luck making it through the last couple of days with your MIL. Seraf: A due date baby would be cool. Couldn't ask for a better birthday, right? What are you planning for your birthday? OMOM: I'm so impressed that your went...
Hi Everyone, Lizbian: I'm sorry your friend's little one was born so early, but I'm glad he is doing well! What a little guy. Bread: What nice wool covers you chose! I'm kind of envious. That's a good deal on the disanas! Isa: You're definitely due to show up over here! Sotohana: I can't wait to hear your birth story! Hi to everyone else! AFU: Just hanging out at 39 weeks 3 days!
Hi All, I'm absolutely in favor of helping this thread to be more active. Sphinxy: It's great to hear from you! WOW on five weeks! What are the great parts and the challenges so far? Isa: I'm sorry you're having the crappy first trimester experience again. I think a twin-themed christmas card sounds delightful. If you do it I hope you'll post it somewhere where I can se it! Hi to everyone else! I feel like I don't have much news to report. Our two-year-old is funny...
18 months is an awful age. Is 2.5 as bad as 1.5? I hope not. I'm thinking about you all.
Congratulations, Granite! Hooray!!!!!
Isa: WOWOWOWOW! Hooray! Congratulations! TWO!!! Friederike: Looking good! Hi to everyone else!
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