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Granite: That picture is adorable. 39 weeks! Wow! What an exciting time. Gamitzer: Congratulations on your wedding! Sphinixy: How are you doing? I'm sorry that you had to use the bili blanket. I'm glad that you're done with that now! We're at 36 weeks now. It is starting to feel pretty close!
Beastie: Hooray for that good news! What a relief! Liz: I'm glad that things continue to go well. How are you feeling these days? Granite: You're getting so close! Wow! Hi to everyone else!
Congratulations, Sphinxy! Welcome to the world, Baby W! Bread: We love wool covers, especially our longies made from old sweaters. We used prefolds for the first two months (with a diaper service) and then we used flats for the rest of the time our son was in diapers. We had almost no leaks, but that may be partially because we did partial EC so most poop went in the potty. I think the wrap style wool covers (like these or these) look amazing, but they are awfully...
Great suggestions! Thank you! Max: Balance bikes seem neat! I wonder if 2 is old enough for one. I'll have to check it out! Starling: Happy birthday to H! Our little guys have similar interests. Our son loves his little backpack, and he is also consistently excited about umbrellas and tools. What tools are you getting for H? Isa: I hadn't considered a rocking horse. Thanks for the idea! I can't believe he is almost 2 either....
Happy October! I'm just popping in to say that I agree with Lea that fall seems like a lucky season. Fingers crossed that there are lots of BFPs this month!
Thanks for your response, Dalia! I don't think that our son is especially independent, and there isn't a special need for him to do preschool. We just think he might enjoy it, and since the following year we plan to send him to five-morning-a-week preschool it seemed like it might be nice for him to have some introduction to school before that. I think you're right that two or three days a week might be right for us next year.
Max: I remember feeling like going back to work was very hard at first, but it got a lot easier once we all got used to it. Hopefully your transition will be simple and smooth, but if it does feel hard I bet it will get easier soon. Wishin: How is the bucket seat working? I'm anti bucket seat in general too, but I think that a situation like yours is exactly when they are useful. Any favorite second birthday present ideas? Our little guy is going to be 2 in less than a...
We're starting to think about preschool for our toddler for next year, and we're trying to figure out how many half-days (9am-noon or so) per week we would like him to attend. He'll be 2 years 10 months at the beginning of the school year. How did you decide how many days per week to send your child for their first preschool experience? Any advice? Thanks!
Hi All, I'm popping back in after a fairly long time lurking. Sphinxy: You're so close! Wow! I hope the birth goes beautifully and you get to meet your little one soon! Esenbee: They are beautiful. I especially love the picture of all three of your kids! Lizbian: Good luck with your scan today! Breadandcoffee: Good luck with your scan today too! Hi to everyone else! AFM: 32 weeks now! It is hard for me to believe that we are only 5 weeks away from full term. I...
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