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Liz! I just saw your news! Eek! So exciting!
Beastie: Your fertility luck is unbelievable. I am so totally impressed. This is your third one-hit-wonder, right? I know you've had (more than) your share of challenges in this process, but your ability to get pregnant? WOW! Liz: Fmorris: I'm sorry. But congratulations on the job! Isa: I'm sorry that the last cycle didn't work, but it is exciting that you're getting close to the next insem! Hi to everyone else!
Hi Everyone, Isa: I don't have any advice about a bedtime routine, but I'm sorry it is hard right now. Is Edie still taking two naps a day? Our bedtime got much easier when we switched from two naps to one, but I don't know if that is common. Cananny: They are adorable! I'm glad that your trip went well overall. Carmen: I still feel so happy for you to have DS. It's satisfying when a challenging TTC process ends with an adorable baby. Is nursing getting...
Beastie: Welcome back! It is great to see you around here again! How many insems did you decide to do this cycle? Isa: I have my fingers firmly crossed that you'll end up with an almost-surprise bfp very soon. Lizbian: Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow morning! Hi to everyone else!
Carmen: What an amazing experience! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Carmen! I look forward to hearing the whole story sometime!
Max: What a cutie! Seraf: Look at that kid go! Knitting: They are so sweet! I hope you get some sleep soon. Wishin: That's an interesting decision you're facing. Do either of you have a specific desire to go through the pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding experience again? Or do either of you specifically want to avoid going through the support role again? It seems like it would depend a fair bit on exactly how bad your DW's pregnancy was (i.e. can you all survive another...
Wow, Carmen! How exciting! You're going to be holding your little one so soon now! I hope everything goes perfectly smoothly. Amt: Congratulations on your healthy baby! Hi to everyone else! Everything is going along smoothly here. I can't believe we're just four months from the due date. This pregnancy is continuing to go very fast. Hopefully we'll have chosen some names and done some birth prep before the baby arrives!
I'm curious too! Nothing much happening here. Pregnancy is going along smoothy.
Seraf: I love that Shay thought coffee would make an ow better. Certainly many adults would agree with him! Erin: I second the recommendation to chat with a lactation consultant or go to a LLL meeting. My experience was that it was possible to have virtually pain-free nursing from very early. Pokey: Three weeks! Wow! Max: I hope the visit was fun!
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