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Congratulations, Outdoorsy! I hope you are all enjoying your time together! I'm sorry that the birth was challenging, but I'm glad that it is worth it to have him here now! BIgfoot: 32 weeks already! Wow! Carmen: You're getting so close! Were you able to get lots done this weekend? Do you have an induction date set? Breadandcoffee: I remember you when you were here before. Welcome back! Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a journey you've had. I definitely...
Max! Great to see you here! Sorry I have no time for anything. Our kid is pukey sick but hopefully on the mend.
Max!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so, so happy for you. Welcome to the world, Aiden!! Hooray!!!!!!! Come back and tell us more when you have time! And come join us on the Queer Parents thread! What wonderful news!
Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble keeping up with this thread, but I'm enjoying reading along! Sotohana: Thanks for the new thread! It sounds like your trip was great. I'm glad that you're getting some help with the anxiety. Amt: It's great to hear from you! Mrs: I'm sorry that the third trimester is rough. I hope that things shift and you feel a little better soon. Carmen: I'm glad you're feeling good overall. You're getting close! Hi to everyone else! 20 weeks...
Wishin: It's impressive that you and your brothers are doing the work to rebuild your relationships. I hope that the trip continues to go well! Isa: I'm sorry that so many people you love are dealing with cancer. Is Edie feeling better now? Hi to everyone else! We're nightweaning, and it is going pretty well. Much less crying than I had feared, but our little guy is having to learn how to fall asleep in the middle of the night without nursing, so he's been up for fairly...
Isa: I'm excited that you're trying ICIs. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll provide you with a lovely almost-surprise pregnancy. Lea: I'm sorry that the wait is hard. I found having to wait to try again to be one of the hardest parts of a loss. SanDiego: I'm glad that you have a fantastic new RE! Liz: Hooray for Denmark! Sorry I don't have more time for personals. Hi to everyone else! Random Offer: We somehow ended up with a lot (about 1.5 pounds) of extra...
Good luck to everyone! I hope that July is a very fertile month! Liz: I'm sorry that you weren't able to insem this last cycle, but it is exciting that you could be in Denmark in less than two weeks! Isa: It's fun to see you over here! Are you IUIing next month? Hi to everyone else!
Granite: 20 weeks? Wow! Pokey: I hope the baby comes soon!
I've never found one on me, but I do think my son touches a lot more outside than I touch. But good point that it is possible that ticks aren't really all that common right now around here.
Those are some interesting suggestions, Amie. Thanks! Your idea for a mud room sounds delightful. I'm looking forward to trying to create that. I think we do want a full dining table with chairs, but your post is making me think more about how we can create a full play area near the kitchen and dining area. Thank you! Any other ideas?
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