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AOTD: We have done various classes and activities, but I don't think they are important, just fun. I enjoyed baby yoga with our son, my wife liked baby music with him, and we've both enjoyed being involved in playgroups. But like Seraf said, I think it is more for parent sanity than child enrichment at this stage.
Congratulations, Cordelia! Welcome to the world, little one!
Wishin: It sounds like you had a great night last night! I hope that is the start of a trend of much better sleep for everyone. I'm trying to think of a QOTD, but I can't come up with anything interesting. Anyone have one? No real news from us. Pregnancy going well (16 weeks already!), and our little guy continues to be busy busy exploring everything he can see or get his hands on. Any favorite books about construction vehicles?
Wishin: I'm hoping that our toddler will feel similarly pleased when he realizes that he gets Mommy and Mama both home all the time after the new baby comes. Of course then I'll have to go back to work and he'll be stuck with the baby and just one parent.... Note to those with younger babies/toddlers: 19 months is a fun age after all (and I continue to believe that it just keeps getting better and better). It was just a bad week last week.
Loving: Hooray! Congratulations!!!!! Lea: I'm sorry that the miscarriage was hard on so many levels. I hope that the testing shows something useful, and I hope that your cycles normalize soon. I'm thinking about you. Heart: Good luck! It sounds like you had excellent timing. Jenny: Good luck! I hope that the TWW goes quickly and ends with exciting news! Hi to everyone else!
Wishin: That really is too cute not to share. He looks so totally snuggly! How is your big guy feeling about him these days?
Library: It's great to hear from you! I'm glad that Alice is doing well and that SC is ok. How does your wife like her job? How has it been working at a public library? No advice on hitting, but we're really liking 1,2,3...The Toddler Years right now as we navigate our own toddler issues. Hi to everyone else! AFU: So you know how last week I was saying that 18 months was oh so very fun? Well so far 19 months is not as much fun. Our little guy has such strong opinions...
Carmen: That is a lot of testing! I'll keep my fingers firmly crossed that your levels are normal in a few days so you can reduce the testing. Sotohana: We are due at just about the same time. I'm glad that you are feeling better. I hope that your baby shower is fun! Erin: It sounds like things are going well. You're getting close! I hope that the baby drops soon so you can breath better. Lindsey: It's nice to hear from you! I'm glad that things in your life are a bit...
Liz: I'm sorry that it looks like you're going to have to wait until July. Waiting is so hard. I hope somehow AF is a bit off and the timing all works out. Friederike: I hope that the meeting with the RE goes well! Hi to everyone else!
I'm not there yet, but we're thinking about how to make it work with a 2-year-old and a newborn. It seems like a co-sleeper (or some similar safe nearby sleeping space) would be useful for when your DD ends up in your bed, regardless of what your overall plan is. Is there a reason not to go back to the toddler bed in your room?
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