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This may seem bizarre, but on a related note, gift-giving holidays stress me out because I do feel like we have what we need, but random, well-meaning, but ultimately useless presents are a burden to me, too. I like to give consumables for presents- like roasted nuts or a pie or fresh flowers. I love when people reciprocate similarly, and they have more and more the longer I do it. But back to towels...My husband and I really love all colors, so when we got married, we...
Just seeing this...in January. I only know that in many people, including me, magnesium supplementation can lead to weight loss. I suspect it is because if you're truly deficient, as I was, you're hungrier more often and not for the right foods. Just postulating though.
Hi ladies! I do check in on MDC, but mostly just to threads I'm subscribed to and forgot to check for new posts. Natalie, my mom totally weighed all her babies on the produce scales. I need to remember to do it! We have had a fair share of jealousy issues here, too, but more and more so am seeing less of the conflict for my DS and more of him just wanting to play with sister. He has just in the last week gone from being potty resistant (Mommy, I'm your baby!) to 95%...
I always called it nursing to my son and he would give the nursing/milk sign before he started talking. But then he called it "nay" when he started talking, then "nay nay" and it morphed to "nonnie" before we weaned at 27 mos when I was pregnant. He still calls it "nonnies" and he always says to my 4 mos nursling "drink you nonnie, sister!" When she is crying. Ha ha! I am sure DD will have her own term as nonnie morphs...
Wow mirpmama- what a story. I love your conclusion and resolution that trusting birth and your body can mean something other than an ideal, straightforward birth. The wisdom of our bodies is ancient and they really do speak to those who listen. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on baby Neva Mary Margaret.
Wow. What a revelation! Your explanation of how her behavior explains this now makes sense, but I was pretty surprised. I hope you take good care and allow yourself to grieve, so you can move on and be an amazing father to another lucky child or children someday. Good luck, OP. Thanks for bringing us all into your circle of trust to share your journey. Hope to see you back at Mothering again someday.
We love Kipper and Pingu in our house, plus most of the PBS Kids line-up, except Sid the Science Kid, which I find to be annoying and full of propaganda. Specifically, we love Super Why, Peg + Cat, and Cat in the Hat. I also find Thomas rather irritating, but for my son, it's like seeing all his favorite playmates on tv, so I allow it.
Awwwwwfully quiet around here. In case you missed it, we have a pretty lively group going on Facebook. The link is further up the thread. But if this is where we part ways, I want you all to know how much this group has meant to me over the last year during this very special time. It was a pleasure knowing you in this way!
When someone compliments you on losing weight lately just as you polish off your second entree. When the waiter says "Anyone save room for dessert?" Your table mates grumble how full they are and you pipe in "Yes please!" Your number one criteria for choosing a shirt when you dress is "how easily can I pop a boob out?"
Mamapigeon I don't know what else to say except sending lots of love your way. I'm so sorry about the lymphoma and everything such a diagnosis implies for you and your family. Thinking of you.
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