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Skycheat, I highly recommend a homemade mixture of coconut oil (1/4 c) to 3-5 drops of tea tree oil. It will ease the pain in your nipples and it is also an anti-fungal and will pass straight to your DD when you nurse- and non-toxic. We had thrush immediately postpartum and I was totally healed after doing this about 3 days. I found it a lot more effective than nystatin has been in the past. And easier than going to a drug store. Hope that helps; I know the pain is killer.
Lots of action here! Congratulations Askew on baby Vivienne! What a lovely name. I hope your recovery continues to go well and you take it easy. Edelweiss, congratulations to your graduates! Your sweet boys are beautiful and I must echo the other mamas in applauding your exhausting, but worthwhile pumping efforts. Way to go!
Yes, our daughter Caroline Elizabeth was born on July 27. So I'm in newborn land just now.
I know I have no business sticking my nose in since my baby is here, but I just wanted to say I have a lot of compassion for post-dates ladies. Like you EA and agilesheltie, I was due on the 29th...of July. But I was so confident in being a long gestator (my DS was born at 42 and my mom also went to 42 on all 5 kids), I joined this DDC, not wanting to get depressed and left behind by July people. So then I had my baby at 39+5. Oh well- optimism does sometimes prevail upon...
Gosh not sure at this point- it seems like a lot of our early August mamas haven't checked in much lately. I wonder if Farmer Cathy has had her little one? My guess besides you Harmie would be aim4balance. Can't wait to find out!
I did an NST at 41 weeks with my son, even though *I* was not concerned. From my understanding, I think they are commonly administered once a week each week over 40. I didn't find it that invasive, but also not terribly necessary. The ultrasound I had that showed a heavy amount of calcifications was more telling, but also not because baby was still moving and thriving. I would say just go with your gut- and hang in there mama! 41 weeks is hard no matter how bravely you'll...
OMG agilesheltie, you jumped on a trampoline? That makes my third trimester antepartum self want to wince in pain and agony! Color me impressed. They are neat photos though!
We have an iPad (mine, allegedly) that was my birthday present about two weeks before our DS was born. Ask me how often I get to use it though? Ha! I do set limits and don't allow it to become a babysitter (though I had my moments during third trimester...), but we have tons of amazing and fun learning games on it, including one called Tozzle. My son is obsessed with puzzles and there are tons in the one app. My thought on the LeapPad is- you could do just as well and...
I agree! You look fantastic, optimistic, and not even tired. How did you manage that?!
Jillgayle, I mostly wear normal shirts also, but if I'm out, I couple them with long tanks. Don't care if anyone sees my boob, but God forbid they see my stretch marks- ha ha! I also have several combo maternity/nursing tops from Japanese Weekend. I think I ordered them through some online nursing boutique? I would just google JW to see where to find them; you probably have several local retailers in Boston, but we have none in the Texas sticks. Autumnrayne, I am so...
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