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Yay Coffee! At long last you're un-pregnant and have a wonderful baby boy to show for it. Welcome Baby August- a wonderful name I think we all feel a kinship to. I hope your blood pressure/ blood loss issues get sorted soon so you can sit up and stare google-eyed at your little boy. Congratulations again and welcome to the other side!
Just read about coffeebean's water breaking! Go lady, go! Can't wait for more baby updates!
Go coffeebean go! None of these measures do much if you're not ready, so maybe this is just what little baby coffeebean needed! Sending you major birthing vibes!
Fresh herbs when I can (my poor, sad herb garden is languishing untended in the heat at present!), but I use plenty of dried herbs, too, especially because my grocery usually has a pretty sad selection. Pump breast milk sometimes or always serve "from the tap?"
Speaking of royals, I read in the paper that after a picture surfaced of the baby prince swaddled in an Aden + Anais blanket, the A+A site crashed within the day and all U.S. and British retailers are sold out of the Jungle Jam swaddle prints. Just wanted to say I've had my A+A Jungle Jam pack since 2010- before they were cool. LOL!
Thanks mamas! Mumikimum, overstepping our experiences resonates exactly! I was working on DS's Halloween costume, which he had decided on and we were making together and then, without asking, here comes a fancy, store-bought dragon suit. I could have bought that, too, and at the time, I was a WOHM, so doing so would have been a lot easier. But I wanted to spend time with DS creating it and who cares if it was perfect? This summer we all went on vacation at this awesome...
I have a book I love to read and re-read that always inspires me called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. Basic principles of Feng Shui are discussed, but the book deals more with the ways in which clutter affects every part of our lives and how we sometimes rationalize holding onto it. It's really a gentle book that seems to unleash a bit of upheaval in me every time I read it! I used to watch Hoarders, too, for inspiration, but now it makes me feel...
Can anyone offer advice on what to do if DH will not be forthcoming with his parents? He feels like it's a grandparent's "right" to give as much as they want, but it's also our right to just pitch it. While I do agree that what comes into our home is ours to do with as we like, once the kids have seen it, it's not like we can just chuck it all and have them understand. I told him he needs to be pro-active with his parents, who are horrible offenders. Even though they are...
Congratulations Marci and welcome Korbin! Sounds like your unexpected c-section worked out really positively; your sunny outlook is inspiring! Way to go, mama!
Coffee, you look great! Hang in there! I know every extra day feels like an eternity, but you're doing great. Baby will come and you get your internal organs back!
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