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Holy geez Cardigan! That baby wants to stay in! I hope you're getting somewhere now with water broken. GraysMama, BlueLotus, hope you two are holding babies soon, too. September is a lovely time for a baby!
Don't get me wrong, after DS was born, I was totally like 180 pounds with an IHOP habit (ha!), but after lumbering around at 205 during pregnancy, I just felt like a model. I was WAY thinner with this pregnancy and I looked great right after, but I am back to revisiting my love of sweets. Oh how I love them! We love each other! Oh well, being "thin" was fun while it lasted...
My labor was only 4 hours after water breaking and that seems pretty unremarkable among the tales of daring and car birth!
Due dates are just guess dates. I think it's less than 5% of babies that are born on it, so still being pregnant does not verify anything for sure. Ultrasound does not tell you the date of ovulation; it only estimates gestational age based on fetal measurements.
Emcol- OMG!!!! I second whoever said ghastly. That doctor would not have fared very well if that had happened to us. I have never seen my DH punch anyone, but he claims it's been a very effective a-hole deterrent in his life. Ha! Here's hoping he gets some kind of professional-type facepunch for what he put you through. So sorry! My DS was born spontaneously (it didn't feel that spontaneous!) at 41+ 6. Keep the faith! Mama505, Cardigan, and Ladykelacy- thinking of you all...
Anyone still have a bump left to show? Or want to show off their new svelte look? I love the early postpartum days when I feel so light and every time I look in the mirror, I think "why I could be a model!" Ha ha!
Congrats Oregon on baby girl and a successful VBAC! Yay!
Hugs to you all, mamas. This is a hard time and I identify so much with all your posts. Skycheat, SO sorry about the coxsackie! I didn't know there was a difference between that and Hand, Foot, Mouth but DS and Iboth got HFM TWICE the summer of 2011 when there was a local epidemic and it laid us pretty low. The good news is that after about a week of misery, it's like you never had it. Jillgayle, I feel like all my buttons are getting pushed simultaneously by DS, and I...
GraysMama, if it makes you feel better, Caroline was my top pick all along, but DH just wasn't crazy about it. About a week before she was born, we were at a friend's house and they all wanted to know if we had picked a name. I sighed and said it was a total stalemate, but revealed some of each of our favorites. Everyone raved over Caroline and I think after that, DH softened to it and when at last we had to fill out the birth certificate before leaving the hospital, I...
I miss my pregnant belly in theory, but I loooove hoarding my internal organs all to myself again!
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