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Leigh, my DH has not had any leave from work (he owns his own business, so couldn't), but on Saturday a.m. we had "Meet the Teacher" at the pre-school DS will attend two days a week and a birthday party and getting the two kids taken care of, dressed, fed/nursed, not scream-crying, etc to get out the door by 9:30 am totally shocked him. He forgot his wallet, phone, watch... He kept telling everyone we'd had a very bumpy and unusual morning. I told him it was not at all...
Yay Jacksonmom! Congratulations on the arrival of sweet Eleanor!
My DD is really sleepy, too. My DS was NOT and I am totally thrown for a loop by this. I keep thinking: wait, sjee's sleeping again? Is that alright? But she's gaining weight well and seems to be doing great...so I'm rolling with it.
I have been following along with everyone closely but haven't chimed in much due partly to mental exhaustion and partly due to a lack of hands. I forgot about the newborn stage where I have to hold my enormous boob away from baby's nose while we nurse so she can breathe. I really don't understand how people can think nursing a toddler is hard- you just kind of sit there like a vending machine while they help themselves. It's the newborns that test your dexterity! I've...
Welcome to all the beautiful new babies and big congratulations to emily11megan, Tiredx2, AUvetmom, and namastesista! I love hearing your updates and about your amazing births. Yay all around!
Mama505, I walked myself to the bathroom within an hour of delivery and it was so easy and non-throbby + lightweight, it was like I had magic legs!
Hard to say and depends on your particular cycle length, etc. however, when I had a due date of September 1, the date of conception was December 6. You likely conceived in the first week of December if your cycle is of average length.
Mamapigeon, my swelling was gone overnight (DD born at 9pm) and maybe sooner. That's the first I checked. I can eat sweets without having to throw up. I eat as much as I want (a bunch) whenever I want! No nausea. No heartburn. No peeing every 5 seconds. It's fabulous!
Congratulations Jillgayle and Leigh! Welcome baby Jason and baby Catherine! After all the prodromal labor our DDC has collectively had, nice to hear the births are moving fast! Way to go y'all!
I froze corn tortillas when making enchiladas and they came out great. Of course, they were covered in sauce, so I can't speak to success with "undressed" burritos. Don't know why they wouldn't freeze well though.
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