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http://www.amazon.com/Sometimes-Spoon-Another-Coloring-Reach/dp/1604863293   I like this book to help kids see different gender/sexuality realtionships.
The Dirt on Diapers Mama Rudy's Cloth Diaper Run Down I think I'm a little ashamed of how much I know about diapers.  I've spent the last 3-4 years changing diapers, cleaning diapers, researching diapers, and experimenting with diapers.  I wanted to share what I've discovered with the new mamas out there so that we might all be happier people, because "if mama ain't happy - nobody happy." Right? I used cloth diapers with my two kids.  It was both a...
http://www.mamarudy.com/mama-talks/   Here is everything I've learned about cloth diapering!  I hope it helps some new Mamas!
I would like to hear from parents that have psychic/intuitive/gifted children.  I have recently been called to start a service working with families who have gifted children.  Does your child have predictive dreams? Does he tell you about a previous life? Can she see ghosts?  What  kind of support would you like to help you be the best parent you can for your gifted child? What are your hopes, fears, challenges, or questions? Thank you for your response!
I have just recently found a calling to work with families that have these kind of gifted children. I am psychic and medium as well and have been working in this field for many years.  I have two small children and just love this mothering community!  My question is How can I help a mother with her "gifted" child?    What are your questions, challenges, fears, desires? Are you excited? Scared? What resources did you wish you had to help your child cope and blossom with...
Hello Chico! I'm back to town with my 10m girl and DH. We both grew up here and have been away just long enough for all the restaurants to change, 10 years or so. Our parents are both in town and I'm looking for some friends that will be more supportive of our ideas, you know? I just wanted to speak up and see if anyone wanted to chat. I hope everyone is enjoying their spring! -Rudy mama to Ro (5/09)
New Posts  All Forums: