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I go by weeks as well as everyone calculates different. When I want to say months, I give a month by counting back from my EDD. I'm almost into single digit weeks left, so I plan to start saying how many weeks I have remaining. One note on the Dr. Sears pregnancy book, they calculate weeks from ovulation date, not from LMP, so being 21 weeks according to the book is most likely 23 weeks according to most other calculations.
I've been having to watch my diet as well. I had a large weight gain between 20-24 weeks, which brought me to 22 pounds total, and then at 28 weeks I had another large weight gain that brought me to 35 pounds total weight gain! I started off small too. My midwife had been telling me to cut out the sweets, up the protein and lower the carbs. I didn't exactly listen until the 2nd large weight gain, which also coincided with starting Bradley classes and beginning to...
I haven't received an injection at the dentist in years - I just hate feeling numb for hours, and the pain is very minimal. My dentist is fantastic and has never questioned my choice. The last time I had something done they used a topical benzocaine and I didn't mind that. I have a few fillings that need to get done next month and I'll either go with nothing or the topical, depending on the dentist's recommendation. I had my wisdom teeth pulled with just a standard...
15 weeks here and still have no energy. I don't always sleep great, which doesn't help. I started having a cup of coffee daily, but it's not doing anything. Uggh. I really had it stuck in my head that when I hit 12 weeks I'd be good. Ha.
Thought I'd add my first belly shots. I'm 12w3d today! 12w3d 12w3d
Dropping in from the July DDC to say how excited I am to see this DDC open up! Can't wait to see all the BFPs coming in!
I'm 10 weeks and I'm definitely pooching out. I had a completely flat stomach to begin with, and pretty much right away the bloat made all of my pants too tight, but now I can regularly see the pooch. Definitely didn't expect it this quickly, but I don't mind.
Thanks for all of the input! Very helpful.
I'm trying to decide if I should get a doppler. I've looked into rentals and it seems it might be most economical to just purchase one. Not sure how I feel about the potential risk of regular doppler use, but it would be nice to have some reassurance until I can feel kicking. I currently am 9w3d, so I have a bit of time before I could potentially hear anything on the doppler anyway...
I woke up this morning thinking how thankful I am for a great husband... Ask him if he wants some scrambled cheese eggs and went off to make them. Bring them up to bed and he asks where the bread is... I don't need bread with food so I tell him he can go get it. He refused so I went to toast an english muffin while muttering that I'll just eat my effen eggs cold. He then refused to eat the food. I'm just fuming right now - it's stupid but WTF? I have crazy pregnancy...
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