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I'm 8w3d today with my first pregnancy, and my pants are all tight. It's not helping the nausea at all! I'm not sure what to do about clothes to get me through the time between regular clothes and maternity clothes. I need professional-looking work clothes, so can't go with sweats, but I don't know what I can do. Anyone have this problem yet? What does everyone do in this in-between time?
I've had a sneaking suspicion since the beginning, not sure why. I don't have any real reason to think so... I will have an ultrasound on Dec. 1st (to check that the IUD is gone), and I'm looking forward to finding out if it's a singleton or more! I do have a set of triplets in my family. This will most likely be our only pregnancy, so I may just be projecting since I'd love to have 2 kids!
I'm 8w2d and feeling pretty good. I've had a lot of nausea from the beginning, and this last week has brought about vomiting although it's not been terrible. I'm still wanting to eat a ton, boobs are sore, and I'm always tired. Makes work really tough, but a 3 day work week ahead of me is fantastic. And each passing week makes me feel better and better about the pregnancy.
Well, I'm 8 weeks today and this week has brought my first few eposides of vomiting. Both have been after I got home from work, so I'm wondering if it was due to the train, or just maybe I ate something both days that didn't agree with me. I'll see how it continues! I'm also always hungry and SO tired. I have no energy. I'm thrilled to be 8 weeks along though! I have an ultrasound scheduled on December 1st as I have a missing IUD... Hopefully everything's okay and...
Just noticed it - how exciting!!
I'm currently 7 weeks and obsessed with food. I talk about food all the time; if I see something on TV - I need it now; if someone mentions something, I need it now. I have been thinking about rootbeer floats for the past week, and the two mentions of rootbeer in this thread have made it necessary to run to the store. Can't ask DH as he went this morning for me... I am really into comfort foods though - I made a tuna casserole today and veggie pot pie earlier this...
I'm in Chicago. It's nice to learn a bit more about everyone as we move along this journey!
I met with a midwife yesterday and liked her a lot. I didn't go in well-armed with questions, but she told me all of the important information and I'm sure as we move along I'll have questions come up. She melds well with the care I want to receive, so I'm relieved. I'm not going to see her for the first appointment until the first week in January when my new insurance kicks in. I'll be 14 weeks then. It sounds like so long, but I'm sure all of the holidays will make...
I'm in the checking toilet paper constantly and wanting to POAS everyday camp as well! I just want the weeks to progress quickly so I can start to really feel pregnant or see a belly or something.
I met with HomeFirst last week and didn't click, so I have a meet-and-greet with a midwife this Thursday (I'll be 6 weeks then). She won't want to do the first actual exam until 10-12 weeks. I have a really good feeling about her, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Waiting until 12 weeks sounds SO long though.
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