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Quote: Originally Posted by KnitterMama Excellent projects on your Ravelry! I think I'm in love with the Robot Illusion Scarf (just putting those three words together is an excellent idea! ). Thank you! That's a really fun knit - quite easy too. I just looked up Autumn Rose - it's gorgeous! Does anyone know if you can buy the pattern separately or if you have to purchase the book?
Thanks for the nice comments! I can't wait to work on another Eunny pattern. Here's the link for the Deep V Argyle Vest. It's a $5.25 instant download pattern. It's REALLY worth the price.
I'm PugMama on Ravelry.
I'm PugMama on Ravelry - I just got in a couple weeks ago and I don't have many good pictures up yet, but there are a few. I need to get DH to take some modeled pictures of things I've made.
I visit a Pug chat room, craftster, ravelry, and knittinghelp. I tend to more frequently visit the knitting and crafting sites as that's what I'm most into now. I have no kiddos, so on MDC I read a lot, but don't post much. DH is so sick of hearing about all of my craft projects, so I need other places to go! I'm typically more of a lurker everywhere though.
I've used quite a few of KnitPicks yarns. I don't find the Wool of the Andes particularly soft, but it's an inexpensive yarn that is available in many colors. I use it for felting projects mostly. I'm currently working on a project with their Merino Style yarn, and that one is really soft. I also recently dyed their bare sock yarn for a swap, and I plan to get more of that for myself as it was a nice yarn.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadaisy I definitely want the deep V argyle vest. I think it will be my first foray into steeking. I was really excited to try steeking too. I machine steeked, but Eunny's pattern walks you through the entire crocheted steeking process -- the pattern is fabulous. Machine steeking was really easy, if not a bit terrifying!
Quote: Originally Posted by KnitterMama That is GORGEOUS! DH would love its "Check it out - BOOBS!" message. (For that matter, so would my 2yo nursling.) I really need to photograph it with the button up shirt that I wear it with -- it doesn't make it seem like my boobs are so... showcased! I posted this pic on Craftster and everyone commented on my boobs... The picture really accentuated them... But I love the vest!
I knit the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny PIC. I love her designs. I have yarn for another vest waiting to be cast on and I definitely plan on trying more of her patterns.
I've made a few for gifts using flavored tea bags - the peppermint one smells lovely. I'm not sure how long the scent holds up over time though.
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