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I had always gone into labor in the middle of the night so I was expecting the same thing this time.  On Friday, January 11th I started having some mild cramps and just feeling "birthy" after dinner, about 6:45.  I wandered around the house, throwing the pillow case of baby stuff (blankets, towels, diapers & baby clothes) in the dryer to warm, spreading out the shower curtain on the floor in front of the birth tub and gathering towels and blankets downstairs in the...
Yay, jen and aruss!  Hope to hear that both of you are holding your babies soon!   Just hanging out here and trying not to engage with any family members so I don't get any questions.
Yay, congratulations!
I bought the Hypnobabies home study course during my first pregnancy and am currently using it for the 5th time.  Well, I lost the printed materials during a cross-country move before my second pregnancy, but was comfortable just using the tracks for my subsequent pregnancies.  I have to say that I have yet to make it through one of the tracks awake, in fact I will put them on to help fight my pregnancy insomnia!    I don't have any non-Hypnobabies birth experience to...
I've been using a CPA for the past several years but this year she is having significant health issues so she won't be available.  Our return is pretty straightforward, just with a  Schedule C for my small (micro) business.  I'm thinking about trying TurboTax again this year, we've used it in the past.  
We started using YNAB (You Need a Budget) a little over a year ago after ditching Quicken and it's really helped us out!  We both have the app on our phones and when you enter a receipt it automatically updates to the the full version we have on my laptop and vice versa.   The biggest thing that's made a difference for us is being able to see how much we have left in each budget category, not just looking at the balance left in the account.  Before we would just see...
I'm hitting 40 tomorrow, not really too surprised though.  3 of mine came before 40 weeks but #4 decided to hang tight until 41.5 weeks.  I don't quite have that "I'm $&%*ing done!" feeling yet that I usually get, so this one may decide to hang tight for a while too.  With DS2 I'm pretty sure it's because his position was a bit weird, his head was wedged into my right hip.  I'm just not feeling birthy yet this time around.  
What a wonderful birth, congratulations!  
Yup, same here.  My family has a vague idea of my EDD this time, since my mom will be coming to help out with the other kids for afterwards.  Usually I fudge it by several weeks with them so I can gestate in peace (learned that after they bugged the crap outta me with #1).  Last night a family member texted me asking how I was feeling and for such a seemingly innocuous question boy did it get my blood pressure up!  
Ouch!  The afterpains got worse for me each time, I'm not looking forward to them this time around!  I have Afterease tincture and ibuprofen on hand again, that's what got me through them the last few times.
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