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That's great your insurance is covering your homebirth!    When I was pregnant with DD1 (planning my 1st homebirth), my dad told me that "the whole reason people evolved and came down from the trees was to give birth in a hospital".   Then later he said to give him a call when I went into labor, and he'd have a "gin epidural" for me.  Needless to say, they all got called AFTER the baby was there.  #4 was a <30 minute UC and all he said to that one was "holy sh*t"....
Blech, I wish I could just tell the kids that dinner is cancelled tonight because mommy feels like she's going to puke.  
Since it's a gradual adjustment, one kid at a time, that makes it a lot easier for me.  I know when my mom comes to visit she is easily overwhelmed by the lot of them, but for me it was gradual additions that I could get used to easily.  The analogy of the frog in the slowly-boiling pot of water comes to mind.    I was placed in the pot of cold water and it slowly heated up, so it didn't seem that rough to me.  My mom only comes a couple times a year (and less than that...
I need to dig through and see what I still have left from my other babes.  I know I gave a lot away after DS2 was born, so I'm not sure what I have left.  I know I have a handful of Kissaluv 0s left, but I think I gave many away and those were my faves.  I have a couple NB sizes, but DD1 (10 lbs) didn't fit into them at all and DD2 and DS2 only fit into them for a couple of days.  I'm knitting some new longies, this will be the first time I've had a winter baby.   My...
Clarasmama, I would just keep it under wraps for a while then!  I got a lot of comments from my family (mainly my dad) when I was pregnant with #2 and planning my first homebirth.  Luckily nobody says anything anymore.  After #4 was born (total labor <30 min), my dad finally admitted it was a good thing I have homebirths, or else I would have given birth in the car.
We're team green again this time, waiting until the birth to find out.    I found out with DS1 and DD1, then had it be a surprise with DD2 and DS2.  I loved those few moments of scooping DD2 out of the water and just looking at her little face, before looking down to see if she was a boy or a girl.  And with DS2 (he was a UC), when I scooped him out of the water he came up bum-first and I loved exclaiming to DH "we have another little boy!".  I just loved those moments...
I went for a viability scan yesterday (not my usual thing, but after blighted ovums in September and February, my fear was overriding my instinct this time around) and saw & heard a wonderful heartbeat.  Such a relief!  Now I feel like I can put the fear on the back burner and trust my instinct again, and go forth whole-heartedly with this pregnancy.  
I'll join in, I know I definitely need to get more organized!  DS1 is 7.5, DD1 will be 6 in July, DD2 will be 4 in July and DS2 will be 2 next week.  DS1 and DD1 are homeschooled, though that's been a bit slow lately with the morning sickness.   Lots of chaos, little sanity.  I need to get a grip on organization, and need to purge a lot of stuff in the house because I feel like we're just drowning in "stuff".  
You know you're in the 1st trimester when your toothbrush is your worst enemy.  It's like a never-ending cycle!  brush/gag/brush/gag ahhhhhh!
I used to ovulate late, so I would always fudge my LMP date.  I didn't want to have pressure at the end if they thought I was heading toward going "overdue".
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