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I'm one of the mamas who has difficulty losing weight while breastfeeding.  I ended up successfully losing all the baby weight (plus a good bit more) after #3 was born but struggled again after #4 was born.  I know I'll have a challenging road ahead of me after this babe is born too.  
Welcome to MDC!
I've been wearing the Hanes bikinis, but I think I need to size up now.  Apparently I'm carrying a twin in my rear, because they no longer fit as comfortably as they did a couple months ago.  
I'm a slooooow knitter.  My list of things I would like to knit far exceeds the amount of time I have to knit!  I've started a pair of longies but haven't picked them up in a few weeks now.  
Older 3 are unvaxed and had moderate cases of the CP.  Youngest (2) has not had them yet.
Ah yes, I understand!  All my regular clothes are still stuffed into my closet and drawers because I, too, don't want to jinx anything.  I had two losses in a row (plus a chemical pregnancy) right before this pregnancy so even though I can feel bub bumping around inside, I still feel very cautious.
I also hate the feel of the microfiber on my hands, I have a few microfiber inserts and I hate stuffing them into the diapers.  I've always used hemp inserts in my diapers in the past, I'm not sure what I'll use this time around.  I liked the absorbency of the hemp but whew, they could definitely get stinky!
I guess technically I started DS1 in K early.  If he were going to public school then he would have missed the cutoff by 2 days.  I started him when he was not-quite-5, mainly because it gave him something to do during the day and kept him from brawling with his sister.  For us, homeschooling adds a bit of structure to our day and keeps the kids from getting bored with whatever they are playing and starting to fight.  
I had the potty bowl for DD2 and DS2, they were easy to sit between my legs when I was sitting cross-legged.  I just had to be careful about positioning the baby, it was easy for them to scoot too far forward and pee over the edge.  I had more of a problem with DD2 missing than DS2, it was easier to point DS2 down into the bowl and make sure the aim was good.
New Posts  All Forums: