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I have similar options myself, and there's no way I want to birth at the local military hospital unless it's absolutely necessary.  We've saved like crazy and paid out of pocket for my last 3 births and will be doing it this time around as well.  I would definitely talk to the midwives in your area, see if there are any that will do a reduced fee for a reduced number of visits if you get a few of your prenatal visits at the military hospital.  I've done this before and...
My DS2 weaned earlier than I would have like and much earlier than my other kids, due to back-to-back miscarriages and a surgery that just tanked my milk supply.  He is sensitive to dairy and soy so he doesn't drink other milks, he eats a fantastic variety of foods and usually just drinks water.  We never considered toddler formula.
We're on a tight budget right now too, so I haven't been to the chiro in way too long now.  I feel so much better when I go.  My insurance doesn't cover it, so it's usually about $25-$35 a visit for me, the initial consult was longer and a bit more.
I've been having the same problem, but I also have chronic daily migraines & tension headaches so it's not really unexpected.  When I'm not pregnant, my preventive meds keep them down to 2-3 a week, but I'm off those meds during pregnancy.  It's been pretty miserable this time.  DH is changing jobs right now and once he starts his new one I'll start going to the chiro again, that really helps keep them under control.
Just got back from another camping trip.  We hiked 4 miles yesterday and whew, I'm definitely feeling it!  
There hasn't been for me!  DS1 was induced, so I'm not counting his birth.  DD1 came the day before her due date, DD2 came around 38.5 weeks and DS2 came at 41.5 weeks.  I've had a pretty big spread!
I've noticed this too!  I've told me DH that I can usually tell when my iron is low because that's when Floradix tastes good to me.
Yup, this!   I had an u/s at 8 weeks to confirm that it wasn't a blighted ovum (I just had two in a row before this pregnancy, one in September and then again in February).  I have a referral for a 20 week anatomy scan in case for some reason my midwife and I decide it's necessary, I've skipped it in the past.  I typically don't do any testing during my pregnancies and no vaginal exams during pregnancy or labor.  
Oh no, I'm so sorry.    Sounds like it could possibly be a blighted ovum?
I'm a little over 12 weeks and I've been feeling occasional little flutters too.  I love that feeling!
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