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My son (9.5) is not interested in learning cursive beyond a signature. He seems to be able to read cursive for the most part. I'm curious if anyone else has just "skipped" cursive with their kids. When I think of all I want them to learn, and prioritize it, cursive doesn't seem very important to me (esp if it's not important to him). He is, on the other hand, eager to do a typing program so he can use the keyboard w/o hunting and pecking
1 onion, diced saute in some butter Mix whole grain pasta (1/2 pound or so) with some mayonnaise (not sure how much, 1/2 cup or so?), 2 cans tuna and a can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced tomatos, salt, pepper to taste put in a greased dish and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until warmed through. You can top it with some cheese if you want. Not really a recipe but we like it!
I have been bottling kombucha in (used) GT's kombucha bottles. The first bottling, was fizzy, second, not very, and third was flat. i like it fizzy, and have heard that you can get the EZ cap bottles from IKEA and they work well. But, they don't have them online (that i can find) and i don't live near an IKEA. Does anyone have a source for these bottles? Or another bottle that works well for you. Thanks for your help!
I've been making kefir for months now and never had any problems. i normally "rest" my kefir grains in the fridge for a couple of days out of the week, when I get too much, and they always seem to bounce right back. I put them in a glass jar with some milk til I"m ready to make more. They don't seem to be doing their job anymore, the kefir is really watery and doesn't smell yeasty like it usually does. The only thing i can think of that I did differently is that I put...
Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it! I have chicken stock going now and it just makes me happy Beef broth will be next!!
Can I jump in here and ask about browning/broiling the bones in the oven first? How long do you do this and at what temp? I have a bunch of soup bones in the freezer that I'm anxious to make into broth. I've heard it's tastes better if you bake them first and then make broth. Thanks! Looking forward to another new project
That is a good point, momtomine, "What doesn't count as school"? I think I'll adopt that!
Another "parallel lives" story....I was always drawn to homeschooling, but when my oldest got a slot at a public charter school, we tried it for two years. It was a very nice school, but like a pp, I felt like a square peg in a round hole the entire time. I also remember feeling just sick to my stomach when we made the decision. The day I signed the withdrawal papers at school and it was "official", I was literally shaking! But, we all feel like free birds now and we love...
Mine are 8, 5, and 2. I agree with what you mentioned. Also any art, drawing, reading or being read to, crafts, imaginary play, especially when involving many age groups and genders (really having to cooperate!), playing legos or other building toys/engineering, cooking/baking, making up games, playing board games. If they get involved in building forts or playing together cooperatively right away in the morning, they pretty much get to do their own thing
Lillian, In my sons opinion, school math was "easy" and MMM was hard, meaning he had to think harder He is very bright but doesn't want to work too hard! He did very well in math at school, always finished first, didn't get very many wrong...MMM really showed his lack of true understanding of math, and for that, we are grateful!! We did level 2, and by the end, he still is struggling with subtraction/carrying. MMM uses a lot of expanded notation. So, I don't want to...
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