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Those of you who got pregnant using the withdrawal method, did your partners fail to withdraw or were they successful?
I'm an American in Italy, married to an Italian. People here use bides to wash their private parts and I have to say they are GREAT, especially for kids. Bides are basically sinks at a toilet level. People sit down and splash away. Most people use "intimate soap" but it's not necessary. Rinse and then pat dry. I introduced my sister to the idea when her two littleones were having issues. A few days of rinsing and then pat drying did the trick. When in America, my dd, who...
HI, Do you mean museums or other cities to visit? Florence and Assisi are both amazing cities with tons to see. If you have little time then i suggest just walking around popping into whatever you chance upon. Other cool cities to visit nearby are Perugia, Gubbio, and Spoleto. Have fun! Peggy
Hi Francesca and LucyMB!!! Welcome!! We live in a small town outside of Ancona. I was raised in the USA and have multicultural origins too! My father has Chinese origins and my mother European. Many people think I'm either Chinese or Philipino. Your son Valerio must be a cutie! Unfortunately we are far from Lago di Como but if you are interested in meeting other mamas, I suggest going to your local La Leche meetings. I met a lot of moms this way and have formed great...
I wanted to say. It must be really scary to go through that. I wanted to add that my friend's son (he was 3 months old) had a febrile seizure after being sick for about a week to a week and a half. They took him to the ER and they discovered he had a full blown kidney infection. It might be important to see why your baby has a fever. I was recently sick with a fever that I was not treating. I had a fever for over a week and my doctor had me take a blood test. My...
Hi, Two years ago I had a mild sinus infection. I decided to use the neti pot hoping to prevent a bad infection. Unfortunately, the neti pot made things worse and my mild infection turned into a really bad one. I eventually had to use antibiotics after 2 months of major headaches, earaches and toothaches. I think the neti is useful for hygiene and prevention when infection is not present, but if there is an infection it could make things worse. Just my 2 cents!
We live in Italy. I'd really like to see in USA: 1- bidets (they are awesome) 2- more vacation time
My sister works in the ER and says to look out for pain around the right quadrant of the belly. She's also said that this is rotavirus season.
Since I'm half Asian and my dh is Italian, I constantly get "Are you the babysitter?" Here in Italy it is quite common to have Asian maids/baby sitters. It used to bother me a lot, but now I kind of just laugh it off and try to educate people. My mom (who is of European descent) also got "How nice of you to adopt these 4 girls."
Hi there, Looking to find some help. I think my dd who is 5 might have athlete's foot or some other fungal infection. Her feet get sweaty very easily. She is never around pools or humid indoor areas. Any recommendations? thanks!
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