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I really like these folks.  Also this gal, whom is more vegan.   Who do you like?          
Thank you for your thread.    Motherhendoula - Thank you.    This is the path I would like to do as well.  We have a 2 1/2 year old and I prefer to not do the over nights/on-call clients right now.    I have a friend that attended the Simkin Doula and Postpartum programs at Bastyr.  She really enjoyed the experience.  Her only negative was that she will only take classes (in the future) that are taught by Penny Simkin herself.  She had another instructor that she...
Congrats on your twins pregnancy!   I do not have experience personally with twins, but wanted to offer maybe hitting a LLL meeting or two in your area.  Or maybe finding a leader that would be willing to chat with you.   Good luck to you.
Strider here too.  Bought for our son around 14 months (he was walking at 10 months).  He loves it.  Started balancing around 16 months and is 30 months now.  It is fun to take on hikes and have him ride as we walk.  Next is a pedal bike, around 3 with brakes.  My Mom liked the Striders so much she decided to start selling them.  I think they are the best built for the money.    Super good price on CL for you!  $15!  Good work!  
Our son only took it for about a week and a half and that was it.    on the finger.  
I'm in.  Our son is 30 months.    In total awe of him.  He is just exploding with thoughts, words, growth.  Pretty amazing.    Lately he is saying "I don't know" when asked a question, but not all.  Pretty funny.  Then will go on to figure it out or find what was missing, etc.  He also is talking about things that happened months ago.  What a memory.  Crazy.    Totally out of diaper in the day for a few months now, trying to transition that into the night. ...
Gotcha.  I am glad to hear it is working for her and she is fine.    It was a tough call for us as well.  I am glad we did it though.  It somehow broke through that wall of not allowing himself to simply let go and sleep.         
I swear, all these suggestions were in my head I just couldn't pull them out!  Holidaze perhaps?   Yes!  Breastmilk is still possible!  Thank you!   Steam baths and showers have been a plenty this week.
  Buzzer Beater- I am interested in knowing more about your experience, if you are willing to share.    Asiago- we also co sleep but are finding our son is now sleeping better in his own bed next to ours, my husband moves around a bit in his sleep, waking the LO.  Our son usually crawls up in the AM to nurse but is now sleeping longer on his own.     
We bought this brand at our co op.  We bought tiny bottle of 25 tabs, like $4.  It was recommended to give him a third of the tablet, gradually smaller, into quarters.  I found that tough to do because it is a small tablet to begin with, winged it.    Gave him the tablet just after bath time, then we read the last book of the day.  Finished the book and it was like clock work... he said "time for sleep".  Started walking upstairs and I followed upon his request.  He...
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