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Gosh, I totally remember those days.    We rid of the onesies by cutting them at the lower part, where the leg opening starts.  Also found little t- shirts, which was tough.  Baby Legs helped a ton, kept his legs warm.    We put olive oil on him like every other change because he seemed to still be moisturized.    Hope this helps a little.        
I do not think you are doing anything wrong.  All LO's are different.  I would just continue to sign as much as you can and she should catch on.  I remember when we were teaching our son, my husband and I had to remember to sign to each other while talking.  I think that helped DS to see it more.  When DS was interested in something, say a tree, ball, etc... we would learn the sign and continue to show him.  Also, our friends with children sign as well, so it is all...
Our 28 month old son has longer hair than any girl his age, truly gorgeous.  We live on the west coast, have friends that have long hair, maybe it is a tad more accepted here.  My husband has long hair as well (me too!).  He donates his every couple years, last cut was the day our son was born.    Ditto on the comments on how "beautiful your princess is", "why is his hair so long", etc.  I also reply with the emphasis on "he", "buddy", etc.  Even when his hair is...
We just rinsed it with vinegar and wiped it out. 
No doubt.  My skin has also improved.  I am really chemically sensitive.  Your aunt is right!
I have natural curly hair as well.  I use this and alternate with this.  Also, a shower filter has been my hair's best friend for many years.  The chlorine is city water is really harsh on curly hair (also skin), adds to the frizz. I used to fight my hair for YEARS, until I was living in a house on horrible well water.  I started using filtered water to rinse my hair and it was like magic.  So, now on city and using a shower filter.  The best $20 I have spent on my...
We use these around the house.  Have one of those on the top of the potty thingies...  he usually just hovers over it without the little seat.   
Totally agree.  I also agree you are on good start.  I think early potty training provides much more independence for a LO to move onto other learning.    We started DS on baby bjorn, the sink, the big potty, outside... you name it, starting around 5 weeks.  We just seemed to know when he may need to go and it worked.  We started early because, it made sense and he was the kind of LO that would cry with even a trickle of pee in his diaper = horrible car rides (clothed...
There are a ton of young families on Orcas! 
This.    I failed to mention soy.  Just like gluten, it is in everything... urgh.  Good luck in your efforts.
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