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ZInc Oxide.  Can find it at a pharmacy.  Most diaper creams have it as an ingredient but they also have a ton of other ingredients that would irritate the rash.  If you are using cloth diapers, it can make the diaper not wick away, if used too much.  My LO had a couple rashes in his diaper time and I tried to leave him diaperless while he had a rash, helps.    I hope your LO feels better soon. 
This exactly.  We were blown away from having our baby at home.  I remember waking up after a short sleep to the sun rising and my husband and I were like.. did this really just happen?  Amazing. 
My MW/ND gave us the referral and it was performed in an audiology practice thankfully by a kind woman that understood little ones.  My son was 3 weeks old (if I remember right).  I nursed him the whole time.  He was not into it at all until I nursed him. 
We chose home birth for a few reasons.    I learned I was pregnant 3 months in (planned pregnancy) and had been in a MVA a month prior to conception where we were treated horribly in the hospital (I know all hospitals are not horrible).  I was working for a holistic dentist at the time and he and his wife had their 3 children at home, non-vax'ed, BF, non-cir'd, all of it, 20+ years ago.  Through them, we learned the benefits of natural birth for both baby, mother and...
I second Bellingham, WA.  It is an amazing place.  The last coolest thing they rid of is plastic bags at grocery stores. 
I am interested in new ideas for keeping it interesting.   I am a writer of cards, notes, etc.... not talking about extravagant gifts, just little things that make the heart happy for your husband/partner.   What do you do?
Great thread.    I continue to EBF because I know deep down that my son, now 3, wants it.  Also, for my emotional state after he was born too.  I am an assault survivor and can easily push away.  This has changed that for me.  I can attest that EBF is the best thing I have ever done.  It slows him down as well as myself.  I do not see an end in sight and that is just fine.  When pregnant, I only committed to 6 months.  I remember sitting in LLL meetings before he was...
  Agreed.    Our one and only LO was born at home purposely.  We took Bradley classes to prepare and were surrounded by like minded folks that believed in homebirth.  It was an amazing experience.  I personally did not watch birthing videos so that I could envision my own birth and not those of others.  Had a lot of folks telling their opinions on why we should go to a hospital, birthing center, etc... but towards the middle of my pregnancy we decided to stop talking...
Whooo hooo!  He came home this morning at 6AM.  My Husband dashed out of bed and I just knew he was home!  Thank you for throwing good vibes!   
Hi!   Worked for a holistic DDS for years whom belonged to the IAOMT there are some in Portland and Richmond.   Doesn't matter about insurance as most Hg DDS's are cash pay and will bill your insurance as a courtesy.    Hope this helps!
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