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Thank you so very much.  I am hoping for the same, just not his style.  Having hope.  End of Mercury Retrograde, conflict and confrontation.  He is a strong one.    Thank you.    I am beating myself up a bit because at my last grocery trip, I noticed (when home) that I wasn't charged for 3 items and haven't gone back to resolve.  Thinking the universe is resolving for me.  I sure hope not.   
Woke Tuesday, 4AM to our Cookie Cat on our bed as always, ready for me to let him out for his morning hunt.  Wish I had not.  Back to bed and I was awakened to an awful cry, close to what an infant in horrible pain sounds like.  Looked at my 3 year old and realized it was outside and then over quickly.  My heart sank.    He has not returned.  Last night we had a 2 hour long thunder and lightening storm that was just incredible.  My Husband said "This is Cookie saying...
I come back to what you do so very often. It honestly works out for the better for everyone in my family.    Another for me is to be sure I take care of myself, to rest and stay calm so I am not too overwhelmed and avoid moments of breakdown for me.   I get so wrapped up with wanting to be with my son and husband when we can that I forget about myself.  Even if it means a walk to the grocery store, mow the yard, etc.  In my home, I feel it is super important that my...
Thank you for the advice.  We use Bio-keen detergent, will look for the Bac-out.  Yey!  I knew there was something we could do!   
I shop a lot at consignment/thrift stores for my family.  I am curious if anyone has ideas of how to strip the heavy detergents from the clothes besides washing them a dozen times.  My family is really chemically sensitive and we use natural detergents.    Vinegar?
Thank you for your idea.  I have actually been thinking about a large hat.  Good thoughts.   
36 here!   Edited to add... still going!
How is this affecting your overall mood?  I feel "crazy" at times.  At least in the past, I could at least know when I would be "crazy" with PMS.  How about your weight?  I was in my skinny jeans in a month after my son was born.  This past year, gained 14 lbs over the winter, which is normal for me, however, I cannot shake it off.  I can attest my exercise isn't as steady but I am one whom can lose 5lbs over night.  I have Celiacs so gaining and losing weight that...
I can relate.  My cycle returned at 16 months and has been anywhere from 26-32 days.  Some heavy, some light, some 5 days and then the last was 3.  My son is 3 and nursing still, at least 4 times a day.  I have to agree that his nursing has made my cycle change.   
Small doses of Melatonin?  Our Naturopath, after all other avenues were pursued suggested this.   
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