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Horrible.  I have seem folks around here write about that but I haven't witnessed it.  Very unsupportive.   Thank you.   
Crunchy nailed it.    You should be good to go, unless you have periodontal disease which it sounds like you do not.  I'd lean towards no x rays unless they see a problem area and if so, maybe just a periapical x ray would be in order.    I have worked for DDS's for years and my last experience was working for a holistic DDS.    Clean away!  
  I bet your midwife like others have said have a person in training on their wing.  I was pretty set on not having anyone but myself, husband, midwife at our birth.  My midwife/ND had a intern that was also a midwife/ND in training and it was the best having her support.  I had no idea where I wanted to birth in our home.  We decided to have every option available to me while birthing.  I got in and out of the tub (aquadoula) a few times, loved the birthing ball...
I have read around here that people have been unsupportive of MDC... but I do not FB and all that stuff.  Where did you find folks poking fun around here?   Thanks.  
I agree with most posters here about his right not to say a word to them.  He probably will when he is ready.  If someone was calling me a brat, I wouldn't want to greet them either!  I especially agree with MeepyCat and RStelle.  My wonder is when he is with them while they are babysitting... What are they talking about with him.  KWIM?    Is their parenting styles like yours?  Everyone in our families have the thought that we give too much attention, hold too much,...
My almost 3 year old has had a few hits.  His vocabulary is really good due to sign language.  We noticed while he was going through a growth spurt, hitting (occasionally) would happen.   We decided "if you hit, you sit'.  It allows him time to take a moment and explain what he needed or wasn't able to express in a more positive way.    It hasn't happened in awhile and he gets the point when he sits. 
  I would have to agree here.  I travel the same path as PP.  I have also worked for a holistic DDS and I can attest that he didn't mess around too much with abcesses.    Once it has gone that far, it is hard to reverse.  I am sorry your LO is having this trouble.    Here is a website (IAOMT) that my prior boss was apart of and hopefully will aid in your search for a holistic/mercury free DDS. 
Our family is heading to the Subdued Stringband Jamboree in Deming, WA... just outside Bellingham in August.  Looking in to a few in BC and plan to hit the Barter Faire in October.
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