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Our test was negative this morning and we are really happy about that!
We make our own typically but I always have an organic, bought cheese for a snack or on our tortillas!
Quote: Originally Posted by BeckyBird I agree, HB does not always mean water birth. The birth pool is a wonderful tool for labor, but you can decide to get out of the water and push somewhere else. You will know what is right when the time comes. Agreed. We rented a tub for our home birth, just in case that is where I ended up! I labored everywhere in our home. On the futon, on a birth ball, walked our property, in the water..... We...
Awesome! Let's keep this goin!
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Maybe some facepaint? A few vines around your browline or, if you have someone that's an artist, something like this That makeup is fantastic! What a great costume idea!
Quote: Originally Posted by heathergirl67 I sounds to me like you are not sure yet of what vaccines you want your baby to get. But you want advice on what to give her? Honestly, if I was going to rely on the medical advice of a stranger, I would rely on my doctor's, not just some people on the internet. What would be even better is if you could do the research and come up with a plan that you feel strongly about. Since your appt is tomorrow, maybe you...
Chiming in here.... Our protection failed a few weeks ago, broke (can't stand condoms!). I don't know if it is in my head or what. Have had a lot of outside family stress, I don't have an appetite lately. My milk has been there, however, my breasts are not as full as they have been. My moon has not come back yet but my MW says with the back and pelvic pain I have had lately, maybe it is on it's way back. Buying a test tonight.... we shall see!
Not one thought gals? I will contact my LLL Leader instead. Thank you anyways. Andrea
I did do one ultrasound at 16 weeks just to prove to myself that I was pregnant. I will not do any ultrasounds if we decide to have another, which I am leaning towards no. I am good with one! We only used the fetascope to hear the heartbeat while I was pregnant and my MW was super excited since it had been awhile (to my dismay) since she had used it with patients. Most folks really want to hear the heartbeat louder. I am not comfortable with ultrasounds and...
Good morning! Have a question. DS is 13 months and still nursing strong. The past week or so I have noticed my breasts are not as full as they have been since we started nursing (lately, I have been referring to my breasts as flap jacks ). I still have a supply but I feel like something is happening here. DS is hanging out with DP more in the afternoon and can sometimes go 5 to 6 hours without nursing. Then the next day while DP is at work, all DS wants to do is...
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