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Like a breath of fresh air! Man, I had a moment today and threw a empty plastic bottle out the door and immediately felt horrible. (sigh) DS is the same way lately, fighting sleep. Well.... will be back, he is up now.
A vote for Fuzzi Bunz here! DS is super narrow and they just seem to work the best. For night time, we put an actual pre-fold in instead of the liners. I have tried hemp liners, bamboo liners, the list goes on. Found that organic cotton pre-folds were the best. Actually, we have completely rid of the inserts (recycled for wipes) because the inserts just wasn't enough, even doubled up. We have tried them all (it seems) and FB's worked the best for us. I would...
I wore one of DP's big t shirts until it was annoying to me about half way through. I am/was a modest one but during labor I ripped the darn thing off when going in and out of the tub! **Wanted to add.... I purchased a couple long tanks and a long night gown... ended up donating to goodwill. The t shirt was the greatest. I could easily take it off and put it on as needed quickly.
Nope. We waited and it was the best gift ever! We didn't feel the need to go out and buy everything gender specific. You don't need much, IMHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by CherryBomb I'm surprised people are swaddling so long! My babies have never tolerated it for more than a few weeks after birth, so that's when I stop. Same here. DS would wiggle out pretty quickly. Always liked his arms out but liked his lower half swaddled.
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverandJulie In general, I find the straps hard to adjust while it is on me. I am relatively tall and skinny-is this the problem? That was the problem for me, tall and skinny. I loved the Ergo for being able to get DS asleep when he was oh.... 7/8 months and that was about it. DS doesn't like to be confined (likes to be able to move arms and legs). I have shorter friends that LOVE theirs still and their babes...
We had a fantastic homebirth just about a year ago. We don't plan on any more LO's, but if we do, we would do it again!
Oh thank you everyone. I really appreciate the input!
Ok...ok... I figured it out. It is on my stats page. I blocked my face gals, haven't told our family yet that I found one, don't want to hurt feelings. The broach that is in the middle is no longer, just plain. Thank you very much for all the love.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati it's kismet! I bought my wedding sari before I was engaged. I saw it, and I knew it was the one. Love at first sight! Funny, the gal that consigned the dress ended up having a traditional indian wedding sari and had already bought the dress I bought.
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