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Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy And, since neither of them seem to have any sense of committment or ethics, I wonder how long before one of them screws around, destroys the marriage, and he has yet another child to support until she's 18. I think the girl is 6 or 7 now. I am grateful you are strong for your kids and help them find some balance. You have a good sense of what is right for your family (my vibe from your writing). I hope it works...
Just curious.... For those whom have really gone as plastic free as possible, how do you feel? Any improvements in health? I think plastic is one of the last things (yeah right) that we are working on. Please enlighten me! I am constantly weeding things out of my diet and home, 7 years in the making. I know the biggest improvement is that I am able to think better, well since LO came! LOL!
Oh thank goodness! Same thing happens here. Good to know. Thank you!
Funny! People really have too much time on their hands! That was creepy weird. Some folks are just that. My Mom works at a small grocery store in the woods where they live. She printed a picture of my Son and I that I had emailed her and put it on the counter to brag (my son was 4 months when taken). She had a handful of men ask "Is your daughter single?" Interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by daisymommy Can I jump in and ask a question? What if you can't visit the dairy because it's too far away for you to drive? (but they will deliver to you). Would anyone here still buy from a farm unseen? Everything they advertise looks great on paper, and there are many mamas near me that are part of a co-op buying from this farm that are happy with the milk and dairy products--but no one has been there. Not me. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Metis A couple of friends in my circle have used this: "We will be using a midwife. When I go into labor, she will come to the house to help us decide when it's time to go to the hospital. If all is proceeding well, we may decide to stay at home for the birth." Fantastic!! I told our families and they thought I was just doing what I do... not the norm. BLAH! My Mom and DP's Mom wanted to be there too. NO...
Oh also....Holistic Dental Association. http://www.holisticdental.org/membersearch
Quote: Originally Posted by micah_mae_ I honestly just don't feel like fighting the dentist over it if I don't have to. But if he doesn't get flouride toothpaste I guess that helps? We have a brita filter but I know that doesn't remove much at all. Bleh. Wow! Seriously? Did I read that wrong? You have a choice! If you are concerned about it and your dentist gives your grief, by all means........... FIND ANOTHER DENTIST! They are out...
Quote: Originally Posted by lerlerler I'd try the "Mom, take her to the zoo for 6 hours" approach during the day and SLEEP!! No laundry, email.... just sleep! I think that is a fantastic idea! Good work! I am not a supporter of sleep training either. It may be good for others, not in my home.
What a fabulous time for you. I was there a year ago. Have fun and take it easy! Time goes by so fast.
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