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We live in Indiana. And no, he won't be going to school next year. He is preschool age now, since he just turned 5 this month. We plan on continuing to homeschooling him next year as well.
DS just turned 5. Technically he is homeschooling for preschool. His stuttering problem has been getting worse and I would like to get him in speech therapy. DH said that he stuttered until 1st grade. I asked him if he ever had speech therapy. He said no. But then he proceeds to tell me he did go off on his own 2x a week to play games with a different teacher ..yada yada. I'm like "that was speech and therapy". Apparently he didn't even know he got therapy. Anyway...how...
 I had chicken pox twice. I also just met two other people who had chicken pox twice. It's crazy. I thought I was the only one. I had my first case when I was 18 months or so and my second case when I was around 6.
It's recommended that children 12 and under ride in the back. It's safer for him back there.
I'd say stick with the walking rules. So, walk and have them ride against traffic. I'm assuming if they are staying nearby to you and you are pushing a stroller, they are not going very fast. So, I believe sticking with the walking rules would be safest.
I'm pretty sure you can't use a booster seat on the plane.   Aside from that, I have no issue with lap babies or flying without car seats. The risk is soooooo low that anything would happen on a plane. Yes, it is technically safer to have a child in its car seat on the plane, but the risk is so low, I don't have an issue with it.   However, I am against renting car seats or checking car seats. I wouldn't trust a rental car seat, and would worry about how a car seat...
In Indiana, the only homeschooling requirement is that you take attendance.
Babywearing is great for naps. Go somewhere and take a hike. The LO will sleep during the hike. Also, although you say your child doesn't sleep well in the car. Kids do sleep when they are exhausted. We've traveled a lot with our kids. We took DS1 to Disney when he was 16 months. He was a horrible napper. We just wore him in the carrier and walked around the park during nap time. He also usually crashed on the bus ride back to the hotel. We get a king bed, and he slept in...
Thanks for all the advice and suggestions!! And the stories of other kids not wanting to play with others all the time. It's been very helpful. I've tried to relax my expectations. I have been paying more attention to how he interacts with others, and he does seem to do better in areas where he is very familiar. I think he was also upset at me telling him he'll be on his own after lunch. That was probably a mistake. We had another park play date today that I think went...
I had two relatively uneventful pregnancies which resulted in two live births. I then went on to have 3 early miscarriages. I started progesterone supplements after my bfp, but it also resulted in my 3rd miscarriage. I started progesterone supplements after ovulation and finally was able to maintain my fourth pregnancy this year. My question is will I now always need the progesterone to sustain pregnancies?
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