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DS (2.5) likes The Rainbow Fish.
jpack ((hugs)) We made an IVF consult appointment for mid- February (first available appointment), not sure we will be doing it, but going to get the info and cost involved.
Indie - sending you lots of positive energy for tomorrow.
Indie - I think you should go ahead with the IUI, you can also BD right after the IUI. Hopefully one or the other will take, Chrissy - sorry! ((hugs)) jpack and TF - sending you good vibes, still hoping for he best for you.   AFM - AF showed up this morning. I am so disappointed. I have yet to call RE office to let them know, we have to decide what step, if any, we want to do next.  We don't know what we want to do, another try with IUI or do IVF. Our...
TF - keeping up the positive thoughts. Excited for you to keep posting good news. SKJ - sorry about AF bad timitng. Good luck tomorrow. Chrissy - looks like strong positive to me too. Yay! T's mama- good luck with RE. jpack - good luck Wednesday. Indie - exciting you started your shots, hope it goes will. Where are you taking them? I had mine in my stomach. They told me to alternate sides, but I found it didn't hurt as much on my left side. When I asked, they...
TF - sending you a huge HUG!!!
Just adding, I too think 20 days is too long . I would shorten it . Maybe make it longer stretches as he makes milestones.
10 more days, I am making myself a litle crazy wanting to know. However when I was PG with my son my first test (at the doctor's office) was a false negative, so I try to remind myself, there is no point in testing so early - I will probably get a BFN. I have a good feeling I will get my BFP and have been walking around with a grin on my face. I hope-hope-hope I do!   I am trying to be better about checking in daily to see you how ladies are doing. I am thinking of you...
Did anyone else see this article in the Chicago Tribune?   "baby mattresses that were marketed in recent months to families and day care centers contained toxic flame retardants linked to increased cancer risk"   http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-12-28/news/ct-met-flames-test-mattress-20121228_1_flame-retardants-heather-stapleton-foam-mattresses
DS loves his Lovey. Originally I was against having anything in his crib, but it's turned out to be a comfort to him. More in the middle of the night when he was waking up, he could cuddle it and settle himself back to sleep with it. He does cuddle it when going to sleep too, but I also stay in his room with him until he goes to sleep at bedtime.
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