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Same here, DS (27m) typically goes to sleep 1030 - 1100pm at night. I came on the forum to ask for advice getting him on to an earlier routine. His norm, is to wake up on his own in the morning (Grandma comes to our house to watch him) around 900 - 930am.   I am the one that stays up with him at night and get up early for work, so it's tough on me.  Occassionally he needs to get up early with me, to drop him off at Grandma's. Soon he will need to go with me early in the...
DS (27m) watches Sesame Street and Team Umizoomi.   I am looking for other shows that might be good, thank you for this thread.
GreenMum - so sorry about your loss! My heart aches for you guys.   Shell - wishing you all the best!   AFM - my followup appointment for all test results is next week. I can't wait to have a plan. Our window is closing soon, because we decided for us, we want a baby before we turn 45... which means it needs to happen in the next 2-3 months.
  Amen to that!
DS (2yo) just moved to a toddler bed. I keep the child-proof doorknobs on our front and back door at night, just in case he was to wake up and try to go outside. During the night he has woke up and came into our room and totally surprised me. However he has not gotten up during the night and started playing in his room (knock on wood). He does wake up from naps and in the morning and play in his room, we have a baby monitor, so we can see whathe is doing.
Hi ladies,   I read through all your posts, it's hard for me to response - cause normally by the time I am reading, everything is already old news. I am keeping up with how you all are doing.   SKJ - sorry for your loss.   Sherry - congratz on your beautiful grandbaby!   AFM - I had my HSG test today. Procedure was fine and pretty quick. I won't officially get my results from all my tests until the 19th, but it appears my tubes are good and clear....
Aloha ladies! I don't know how you all are able to check in so often. I wish I could do a better job keeping up.   GreenMum & Bebe - congratz! Exciting seeing more good news.   Shell - sorry for your loss. Hope good news is coming your way soon.   AFM - I had an ultrasound to check my follicles. I am still not very educated on all the correct terms. He had a hard time locating the right side, but he said the left side looked good. Next month I am scheduled...
Just to share my two cents.   My DS also could drink from sippy cups, straws and even a regular cup - which he used for water, juice and fruit smoothies. Milk he would only take from a bottle, mostly at night before bed. I wanted him off the bottle at 24mon. We went on a 4 day trip a month before his 2nd birthday. I took bottles with us, but hid them. He nevered asked for a bottle when I gave him milk in a cup. He did great. I loved it!   However when we got...
After my experience of not thinking I needed one the first time, but wishing I had one. I would say it's better t be safe than sorry and get one the second time. If you even think you might want one, I say do it. It's better to have a doula there for support and not need her, than to wish you had one while you are going through it all. 
Gtree - I just noticed your signature. Congratz!
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