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DS is 18 months today, that makes me happy and sad. Time goes by so quick!
Indie - good luck! Hope all goes well.   I have not had IVF conversation with DH yet, I don't know that we are to that stage yet of really considering it.   I am a little bummed, we should have BD this weekend, but DS is sick and I spent most evenings taking care of him. We managed one time. Hopefully that's a winner.   Do any of you do temp charts? I am considering doing it. Just curious if you need to do it every single day or just around the time you...
Cool! I sent you a PM with my info.
Does the letter have a way of listing your child's age or special requests (ie board-books)? I am probably interested if I can be specific about board-books, as DS is 18 months.
The massage does seem like a good idea, but I am having a hard time doing it. I guess I just need to suck it up and try it. *blah*
What a scary moment for you. Glad she is okay.   Accidents do happen, even to the best, most careful parents. I still worry about what "might" happen to DS as he gets older. I just do the best I can and hope nothing serious ever happens.
I agree with the 'no diaper' time. After a really bad diaper rash my friend recommended TRIPLE PASTE. We switched from Desitin to Triple Paste. It's more expensive, but I think worth it.   If you don't think it's a diaper rash, maybe try changing brands for diapers and wipes. Maybe even the laundry soap and bath soap too.
I didn't do a baby book and now wish I had. I did do a photobook via Mixbook.com that I totally love. I made it for the first year of DS' life. I like it so much, I plan to do another.
Good luck! Hope you get a quick BFP.
   I am finding myself surprised how much DH has been willing to do so far. I may have already shared some of this...   DH has 2 LO's that are with us 50% of the time. We decided to TTC right away in our relationship, because we (I) figured it would take a long time, as I was over 40. We were blessed and got a BFP the first 2 months. I knew from the beginning I wanted 2 LO's, but soon after I gave birth DH said he didn't want another and was going to get snipped. I had a...
New Posts  All Forums: