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My son is only 10 months so obviously not asking for a sibling yet. But i can relate to being uncomfortable when other people ask. My husband and I have known for a long time we only want 1 child but when i tell this to other people they look at me like i have 3 heads?!
We live in newberg and drive to Mcminnville to see Dr. Heimuller at the Physicians medical center. He is very flexible and supportive of our parenting choices including alternative vaxes, not circumcising, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding and baby led solids. PM me if you want more contact info or anything else!
I am just getting started with the process and will probably take the exam in 2013. I am just starting as a LLL leader next month so i will miss having enough hours for the 2012 exam by a few months. I believe i am going to go with the Health e-learning program. It is 10 classes for a total of about 120 hours and they have a few of the classes i am missing in their background health series. I have my bachelors degree but don't think i ever took medical terminology or...
i don't think that i would be ready to leave my son for a night at that age ( he is only 10 months) I am thinking though if your hotel is near your moms house could you compromise? Maybe drop dd off and go have a night on the town with DH, a nice dinner then maybe some alone time for a few hours at the hotel. Then maybe go pick your daughter up later in the evening and take her back to the hotel with you? Would still be a nice little vacation without the worry!
subbing for ideas...my son still naps in a bouncy chair....
I have just been given several sub zero stainless steel water bottles and i am trying to figure out if i can order a klean kanteen sippy top. Anyone know if these are the same size?
yay! great idea!I have a beautiful 7 month old son who amazes me every minute of every day! My husband is my best friend I am able to stay home and love my little man all day I have a great group of friends Thanks to the motivated moms chore list my house is relatively organized! summer is almost here!
Hey Nashville Mama's! I am going to be visiting Nashville from Portland in September and I am looking for some recommendations on a place to stay. Anything possible...including hotel, rental condo, campsite, your guestroom(just kidding..kind of)... Not looking to spend more than $60 or so a night. It will be me, my husband and our 11mo old son. There will also be lots of other people in town (we are going for my brothers wedding) so if anyone knows of a great house for...
Hi! Can I join? I have been lurking for awhile but have been following the list since Tuesday! It's amazing how many little things you forget(or are too lazy in my case) to do. For instance until today I don't think I have cleaned my Dishwasher door since we moved into our house (2 1/2 years ago!). I have always been one of those people that really enjoys checking things off of a list so this has been amazing so far. I had someone over for lunch today and barely had to do...
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