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What you did was raise a child that has a trust that you will be there when he needs you! He feels safe and secure enough to fall asleep without you right next to him, way to go mamma!
I posted the same exact thread about a month ago. My DS will be 4 months next week and he is a very tall baby so his days are numbered in his mini arms reach. We are planning on using our tax return to buy a mini-crib that we can sidecar. They take up much less space than a regular crib but are still 10 inches longer than the mini arms reach, they also have some that transition to toddler beds and twin beds so that you get use out of them. This is the one we are planning...
Meals or Maybe a massage certificate or something for when she is ready for a little relaxing time. I know when my son was born i definitely had more than enough baby stuff but really appreciated the thoughtful gifts that had me in mind.
zjande- What a small world we are so close! We should get these birthday buddies together! Aufilia- My little guy is also named Tristan!
Hi! I was not in the DDC but i would love to join this thread! My little guy was born October 12th and we are fairly new to MDC.
Thank you so much everyone. It was so nice to have an afternoon out! I ended up being able to get about 8 oz and he only ate about 4oz in 5 hours! i had fed him before i left. guess he just wanted to wait until mommy got home. Unfortunately i can't freeze any of my milk because i have thrush, oh well.......any suggestions for uses now? I suppose it wouldn't be advisable for me to drink it or give it to the pets b/c i/they could get oral thrush? I have been able to keep the...
I am leaving my 16 week old son for the first time tomorrow to go out for about 4-5 hours for a movie and lunch. Just wondering if any of you have any advice as to how much to pump. I don't know how much he eats as he has only had 3 bottles in his life and this was weeks ago. He is about 16 lbs. Thanks!
I take all 4 of my pets to Tualatin animal clinic.....small clinic, caring staff...i have always been pleased
If you check DONA.org they have their certified doulas listed. DONA (doulas of north america) is definitely the best certifying group, anyone listed will have amazing training.
thank you for the replies. Yes i have been on full force diflucan. I had 2 10 day rounds(one after the other so 20 days total) and now i am on a 28 day round. I have a naturopath that i may contact....i see her very rarely b/c she is not covered by our insurance, but maybe she has some ideas. I just need to muster the willpower to change my diet....the problem is i am stubborn and when it starts to feel a little better i reach for a cupcake....or a glass of juice!
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