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if he likes" always sunny in Philadelphia" than i would suggest "The Office" and "Arrested Development"
I have been battling thrush since DS was 3 weeks old (he is now over 3 months) when i was put on antibiotics for mastitis.....i feel like i have tried everything.....gentian violet (3 rounds) probiotics, grape fruit seed extract, limiting sugar (probably not as much as i should be) and i am now on my 3rd round of diflucan...... has anyone else dealt with thrush that has lasted this long? what finally made it go away? The thrush seems to be way more persistent in my right...
Hi all! I live in Newberg and don't have any mommy friends, my husband and i are the first of our friends to have a baby. My son is now 3 months old and i am definitely getting cabin fever and in need of some good company!. Just wondering if there are any other local SAHM's out there or if anyone knows of any mom groups or playgroups. I cant seem to find anything closer than Tigard, and even that is just a once a month LLL meeting.
thanks! lots of great ideas!
So I use an arms reach co-sleeper with my son, now 3 months. He goes to bed about 7 every night, or whenever he is tired but usually by 7. We do a dream feed around 10 and he sleeps in his co-sleeper until the first or second night waking. We then bring him in bed with us. I love cuddling with him and we have been co-sleeping at least part of the night since birth. The problem is that i do not sleep very well when he is in bed with us. Twice i have rolled over and put my...
I have an arms-reach mini and it is wonderful! I can usually put DS in when he is ready for bed around 7 and know that he is safe! He usually joins us in bed after his first or second night waking. The company actually sells kits that you can buy that will raise the co-sleeper to the level of the bed. Just look on their website for the leg extensions under accessories. I actually have my sons co-sleeper mattress leveled a couple inches below mine. It is easier on my arms...
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