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Thanks so much for the info! My chart link should be working now, I had to change the setting.
I am fairly new to charting and have some questions regarding my BBT. I don't sleep very well, have a 12 week old that wakes up between 4-430a to eat and 3 other kids that occasionally get up at random times throughout the night. Normally I take my BBT at 5am, but I have rarely had 3 hours of sleep in a row. Most of the time I have had a bout 1.5-2 hours. I am wondering if I should change my time next cycle for 3am? This is the time I would most likely have gotten 3...
Hi! I am new here and in need of some help! It is much appreciated I am very new to babywearing and I don't think I am putting on my Beco right. It is cutting under my arms, hurting my shoulders and also hurting my lower back. I have watched the video numerous times, tightened and loosened the straps numerous times, checked in the mirror and it still isn't right. Also, is it normal for the straps on the carrier to be extrememly hard to adjust? In the video it shows the...
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