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JMJ~ I decided not to take the Cytotec since things were progressing on their own. So, this is all natural. I am happy that I waited. I read some stories about Cytotec and how it made the cramping and such much worse. I have decided to count today as CD1. Things have gotten a lot heavier and it has pretty much stayed red all day. Thank you so much for all your help! You are a life saver!
JMJ~ I haven't been temping. Should I be? I can start tomorrow morning and see if I have gone below my coverline yet. When I got up this morning it was red, but this last trip to the bathroom revealed the coppery color stuff again. I am sorry I know this may be very TMI, but I am just so confused on what my body is doing. I am wondering if I should call my OB and see if it is normal to have it last this long? With my last m/c I was bleeding within a few hours of...
I have what is probably a very stupid question, but I am unsure how I should log this. I have been spotting off and on since Saturday. Yesterday it turned red with a few very small clots here and there, but is still not really enough to get onto my pad. Do I still count that as spotting or do I count it as CD1? My body seems to want to start this thing, but keeps starting and stopping it seems. Thanks.
That is AWESOME news!! I am so happy for you that things are going well!!
 I am still waiting for things to get going here. Hopefully won't be long now and I will be back on CD1. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me over the past 1.5 months through this roller coaster of emotions.   I am planning on reading my book, as soon as things get back to normal around here. The kids have been sick and my 2 yo had a pretty bad asthma attack two days ago. This was our first experience with one so bad. Right now she is on breathing...
  Nattery~ There is a little box at the top of your chart on the right. You have to change it so it says viewable to everyone. Hope that helps.          
Hi! Can I join? My name is Nicole and I have 4 kids. Nicholas is 6, Genevieve will be 4 in January, Viviana will be 2 this month and Michaela is 6 months. I CTA, but I found out I was pregnant again in September. We were ver surprised. Unfortunately, the baby didn't make it and I am currently going through a loss. Our original plan was to wait until June/July 2012 to start TTC again. We are going back to that plan. We hope to add 2 more to our family in the future.
Good for you! Hoping everything is ok!
((HUGS))) LionessMomI know that feeling all too well.  I will be praying for you that everything is ok and the baby is where it should be.
Thank you LionessMom.   How are things going with you?
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