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Russianmama: I am from the Southern United States and born in a rural area, so I will tell you what the word means to me, but I can say that there have been many, many times that words to me mean something different to people outside of the south and/or in urban areas. I am in a very large city now (Houston) and sometimes even though I am in Texas people miss my meanings and my accent sometimes even confuses my own children when they are learning new words and trying to...
I have NEVER gained weight like this and it's wiggin it out a little. I was a healthy weight when I started but I'm 19.5 weeks and up 16-18 lbs! I gained 30 some lbs the first time, 20 some lbs the second time. I piled it on the last month or two... This might not turn out too pretty.
BOY With 10 fingers 10 toes Nasal bone 4 chamber heart Normal brain And all the proper affects Hemorrhage is down to 2 cm x 3 cm and clotting. I dont have to go back to the MFM!
Y'all all make such great points. Emilulu- YES! I feel sadness when get a period while on BCPs...want to get pregnant and can't... Get pregnant and then wonder what in the world I did. I could relate to so much you said! Delighted: Your reasons for wanting more kids look just like mine. I am not all about the itty bitty baby stage anymore. I am daydreaming about hauling a car load of big kids and preteens to Disney.
Great news!
This is how I got my screen name. This is not new. There's just something about all things fertility that can really mix me up... avoiding pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, deciding when and how many kids to have... It's all so weird. I want this baby. And yet, sometimes I think things like I love my kids I already have so much. Why do I need anymore? What have I done? Or I'm so sick of feeling pregnant and crappy, what if this is the time I really do "ruin" my body? ...
YES. I have been through this and I am so sorry you are going through it too. Several years ago, a very dear friend and I were both experiencing secondary infertility at the same time. We went to our REs and shared our experiences. We were very close and talked every day. After many months, I became pregnant and she didn't. It was very hard. She was so cold when I told her about the pregnancy. I cried. At times, I wished I wasn't pregnant at all. It took a long...
Mrs. Katie: My labor started with my water breaking too. And I felt like that as well, except I didn't make high pitch screams. I made a really loud "SSSSHHHHHH" sound.
Callie: that makes me so mad! That is just wrong they didn't tell you! Why do they think that's okay?! I'm sorry they did that without your concent.
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