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3.5 months is a HARD baby age, my least favorite age actually. They're aware enough of the world around them to want to interact with it, but they don't have the motor skills to do so, so they want to be held all the time. A baby carrier will help a lot - DD was in the Bjorn and Sling a lot at that age. Once she was able to move around and sit up on her own, it was 100x easier because she could finally entertain herself. AP is worth it .
Maybe Buy Buy Baby?
Quote: Originally Posted by plunky Whether Dad or Mom is obese and might roll over on the baby? Maybe there should be a study that shows whether Dads can have a certain BMI to safely co-sleep. Actually they have studied that and I believe in McKenna's book he talks about the fact that people who are classified as 'obese' have a higher rate of infant death while cosleeping due to their size.
Ellyn Satter's stuff is great - please read the links a pp posted, she does a great job of guiding parents in how to establish healthy eating and healthy weight in the home WITHOUT falling into the control issues that lead to the diet/binge/eating disorder/sneaking food issues that can happen by well-intentioned food rationing.
Quote: Originally Posted by freestyler Being a little bit hungry is NOT the end of the world. Remember, it's weight loss the OP is after, not weight gain. Once a target weight range is reached, a wider range of snacks and things can be re-introduced. As long as the healthy new habits (no screen time and lots of exercise) are in place. A restricted menu shouldn't be forever, just until necessary to re-train to healthy habits and a healthy weight. ...
6 year olds shouldn't have a 'big bear belly' with no weight gain to show for it - I would take him to the dr. and get him checked out.
Have you actively taught him about self-regulation? Because otherwise he's going to take his cues from what he sees around him in terms of relationship with food. I've started teaching DS about listening to his body, does it say 'full' or 'hungry', he doesn't have to eat all the food he has on his plate, just until he's 'full'. We read serving size portions on nutrition labels for our snacks and he knows how to find it and count out how much it says to have (whether a...
I believe Dr. Federici is closed to new patients currently (but their office is AWESOME, love their practice and their nurses, we've received excellent care from them over the past two years since they opened! We've never had to wait for an appointment, the office is new and clean, and I really like the computerized medical records all on computer not paper charts). Are you wanting a dr. who is ok with a non-vax patient but might give some pressure to do it, or one who...
http://www.alexianbrothershealth.org...ion/index.aspx They have a support group that my friend used to attend.
I was palpitated by the OB and CNM hospital midwife with pg #1 and the homebirth midwife with pg#2. The Ob was actually the most gentle about it and made a point to teach me the baby's parts and position so I could figure it out on my own too.
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