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Heh. My parents didn't realize how much they were critizing me for my parenting style (babywearing, co-sleeping, AP etc) until I pointed it out (well, I started crying, but then I was rather short on sleep). Turns out they were telling everyone what a great job I was doing, but forgetting I wasn't there to hear it.
The wool blanket is a great idea (we have one too) but you might still want something on top of the sheet that can be easily and quickly thrown in the wash in the morning. The flannel works very well, but towels might be good enough if you want to save some effort.   I wouldn't worry about the stroller and carseat - use them as necessary but don't leave the baby in them. Or try a wrap/sling instead of the stroller - they are great for around the house too and aren't...
I completely understand your worry! It has resulted in a lot more sewing than I had originally planned      Cotton is naturally flame resistant all by itself (that's why labcoats are made from it) so its probably legit.     I don't know if its treated with retardents or not, or just how much polyurethane offgasses (just to add to your worries). If you're planning a homebirth, use them for that. Otherwise, I've had great success with some homemade ones to absorb milk,...
Oh dear! I went from a C to G (I looked like a cartoon amazon from space -ouch!) and have now shrunk back to F. While they are plenty big enough to feed LO from either breast without turning over, I dont think they'd reach a co-sleeper. I really hope I'll go back to a C!
(nak)   I think its pretty unlikely that nursing at night is the problem - otherwise we'd be seeing more ear infections in co-sleeping than crib-sleeping babies and that just isn't the case. And as far as I know, the eustachian tubes are too far up & back to get milk into them under normal circumstances.
It sounds like your mom thinks all people have the potential to sleep well, and that sleep problems are learned.   There is a genetic component to sleeping habits - my sister and I grew up together, slept in the same room until I was 9 and she 6, and have completely different sleeping habits. I can sleep almost anywhere, fall asleep almost instantly and only wake up for unfamiliar noise and things that need my attention, while my sister is an extremely light sleeper,...
I've had it twice due in part to massive oversupply. Last week I had blocked ducts twice but got that sorted before it developed further, and those were most likely caused by not drinking enough water during the day. Stupid, eh? I find I need 2 - 3 liters per day while BF to keep the body happy.
Thanks :) I'll give them a call, maybe they'll have a sale in spring.     A really good point! It certainly makes me more inclined to get the expensive & sturdy gate.
  That's a good idea -  we might not have the time though. Ds is 4 months and rolling over & pushing his bum in the air. Might not be long before he's mobile ...
Don't know if this helps: Cannabis Reduces Infant Mortality And as Bodhitree said, get a lawyer.
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