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Very interesting thread! The Tattler lids might be just what I'm looking for. For the people wondering about knowing if glass lids are sealed, it is no more difficult than metal lids. I check mine (metal bail "le parfait") by opening the metal clasp after 24 hours and giving the lid a good tug, just like I do with the mason jars. The metal lid's pop is satisfying, but no guarantee as I've had lids that were indented but only lightly (and temporarily) sealed. I would...
Yes - I use it for canning tomatoes. I don't like purchased lemon juice either so I buy lemons when they are in season and on sale. The juice is frozen in ice cube trays and the peel gets candied
My last year trick-or-treating was at 17 as the rear end to my 14 year old sister's horse (parents weren't home, we were bored and threw it together in 30 minutes). People loved it because it was so home made At University we used to go trick or treating for the food bank and ask for canned and dry goods. Always got a good response and we had a great time dressing up.
No need to spray the vines with water to avoid the spiders. Jumping spiders are only going to be around when its bright and reasonably warm because they are visual hunters (watch them sometime - they stalk prey like cats do and will even take cover to avoid early detection). If you pick at dusk they will have gone back to their hiding spots for the night. And here's another vote for leaving the murky bits in, or eating them whole.
Quote: Originally Posted by SaoirseC DS#1 derives a lot of pleasure from holding his little brother. How about letting him hold the baby while sitting down? A comfy chair with plenty of support should be quite safe for them both.
For the ultimate baby knitting wool, check out Colourmart - he buys cashmere and silk yarn reminders from Scottish and EU mills and sells them for very cheap. The quality is truly first class and the cashmere insanely soft. And machine washable The only downside to Colourmart cashmere is an increased tendency to knit And if you need knitting inspiration or patterns, check out Ravelry.
I don't think its possible to stop teeth grinding at night by force of will, but you can get a dentist to make a tooth guard that stops it. Don't know if any dentist can make one, mine was done by my uncle who's specialized in dental surgery. During the day, I found gum* helped until I destressed enough not to need it anymore. Simply telling myself to stop didn't work because I then started to push at the teeth with my tongue until they shifted, hurt and didn't quite fit...
I had mild cramps at night for several days but it wasn't multiples - just one
I'm trying to sew a set of medium sized diapers from Wazoodle. The instructions seem clear enough but I'm running into all sorts of problems. The most pressing question, however, is whether a 5" elastic in each leg and along the back is long enough? My chubby little guy's legs are thicker than that, and given the added thickness of bunched up fabric, 5" seem too small. So, any words of wisdom from someone who's made them? Did the elastic fit well around the legs? Did...
Can you knit? This pattern is fast and the booties stay on very well: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hodge Or send me a message and i'll email you a pattern ...
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