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Lindsay, I had that myself! After my second child was born, my dad died suddenly, and I think I got it from the stress. The neuro-optomalogist said that it's more common in women in their 30's. But, mine is now completely gone (it's been 3-4 years). I hope yours resolves quickly!!
The XL's are pretty big (my oldest was just a gigantic baby), so most people wouldn't have need of this size. They are too big for my 29lb 3 yo, for instance, but were great for my older son as a chunky 2 yo. Anyone out there who cloth diapers a huge kid? I'm in Estacada.
We're doing polished rocks this year.
I had something similar sounding. My optometrist saw nothing unusual, but my opthamologist did. I had psuedotumor cerebri, caused in my case by stress and sudden weight gain. Resolved itself. My only symptom was flashing lights. Mine were especially noticeable when going from a dim to bright (or vice versa) enviroment. I would get a second opinion, most especially if you saw an optometrist. I waited months before going in, and my vision remains unaffected. But you...
I have what seems to be an MRSA mastitis infection. I'm prone to clogged ducts and mastitis, having had it many times over the past seven years of nursing. I feel that I'm pretty darn good at handling a clogged duct at this point -- I haven't used antibiotics for mastitis in years. But on Sunday I went from completely normal to horribly, horribly ill in just a couple hours. I started Keflex and ibuprofen Sunday afternoon and the worst of the body-wide symptoms eased up,...
At the end of the treasure hunt, they could open a box that has mouse-ear-shaped helium balloons. Or you could make "tickets" with a countdown calendar on them.
We are helping a refugee family in our community through Catholic Charities. For Thanksgiving and Christmas we're delivering needed goods directly to them. There isn't a religious component to it. I know in our city there are lots of recently arrived refugees who have arrived with basically nothing.
After my fourth, my midwife gave me crampbark, I think twice 15 min apart. Boy did it work, and fast! Of course I don't know if it was a coincidence, but my afterpains went from really painful to barely noticeable. Much better than after my third birth.
We use Catholic Mosaic (a Charlotte Mason living books approach) and Home Catechesis Manual for Ages 3-5 by Moira Farrell (Montessori, really great, available from Our Father's House).
We often take a bed rail with us. Hotel beds can be pretty tall and we've had some falls. At home we have queen and twin beds pushed together, so our kids are used to lots of space and roll right off a smaller bed!
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