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I had this with my oldest. I finally used OTC hydrocortisone cream and it cleared up in a day or two, and never came back (and now I'm nursing #4).
I just had one of these too, my first also. It really hurt, but I think yours sounds worse, I'm so sorry! I used tons of witchhazel and soaked in hot water. The blood clot came out on its own (sorry, tmi!) and then I bled for about a week. Finally it stopped and the pain went away. I did think about how miserable labor would be accompanied by one of these! I had no idea a c-section could be recommended. I hope you are feeling better soon!
My first was born at 39 weeks (10 lbs), my second at 38 weeks (7.5 lbs), and my third at 41 weeks (9 lbs). I was astounded when my third came so late as I was expecting another early one!
We had a bobcat that did that; he was so big that at first glance I thought a dog was in our yard. We reinforced our coop and sat on our back porch and watched him try to get in again. He gave up after a couple days and we didn't see him again. At a different house in the same county we had another bobcat that came during the day and would snatch our free-ranging chickens. This bobcat would walk right by our front deck during the day; neither of our bobcats seemed...
My just-turned-7 yo just read George's Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking, and the sequel George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt. He says they are his favorite books! I haven't read them myself, but the reviews on amazon all looked good.
I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth. Last Wednesday my midwife gave me some nitrazine test strips to test for amniotic fluid, because I have been bothered by wetness and had a slow leak in an earlier pregnancy. The strip came back positive for amniotic fluid, so she gave me a game plan to follow -- regular checks of baby's heartrate, drinking lots of water, keeping very clean, vit c, etc etc. My midwife is now out of town for a month, but on Tuesday I'll be seeing a...
I had one and it wasn't bad at all, I pretty much didn't feel anything. I laid down longer than required but still got a spinal headache. However, I'd feel fine if laying down -- only got the headache upon standing. Since I had a young baby, I pretty much stayed laying down, nursing, and the headache finally resolved itself. I had it for 2-3 days. I suspected at the time that my ER doc wasn't a pro at spinal taps and hence my headache. I didn't want to wait for an appt...
I'd recommend Suzanne Wandrei in Sonoma County. She sold our 20 acre property for us in a tough market, and did an exceptional job of it -- very responsive, on the ball, going beyond the call of duty. Only real estate agent I've ever had a great experience with :-) http://www.suzannewandrei.com/templa....asp?mnu=34161
Our poultry roost at night in a very large barn. Recently rat(s) have moved in and have been trying to eat our turkey eggs. Plus, they keep us from raising baby chicks on the barn floor as we normally do. Since I can't use regular snap traps in the coop, should I try to find a large live animal trap (which my local hardware store doesn't carry or order) or use a rat poison trap? I'm worried that if I use the poison, the rats will drop poison pellets somewhere that my...
I was raised Serbian Orthodox (and Catholic; one parent of each :-), and my parents taught us to "almost" kiss the icons. Like, kiss them a fraction of an inch over the actual glass. Kind of funny now that I reflect on it!
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