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Arms Reach co-sleeper, off-white (beige?), the full-size one. Caveat is that I'm in Eagle Creek, out by Sandy and Estacada.
A mother of six claims to receive monthly messages from Jesus: It's at http://www.directionforourtimes.com/messageEnglish.html
I didn't go to Catholic school, but I was raised both Catholic and Orthodox (Serbian Orthodox). I went to ccd from K-10th grade and also went to Orthodox Sunday school. Sometimes we went to the Orthodox church every Sunday for awhile, sometimes the Catholic church, and sometimes we'd alternate Sundays. Anyway, other than keeping straight which way I was crossing myself, I never had any problems. But, despite all the church going, my parents were in it for the cultural...
Margarita and Rosanda
Llamas and pigs typically don't get along. Our guard llamas would chase our pigs. Coyotes also took some of our sheep when the llamas were in the pasture. And trimming their hooves was no fun. So, we ended up unhappy with the llamas, and got a fantastic LGD from a LGD rescue group; he'd been tested with sheep and pigs already.
For my son's third birthday (before he knew that pinatas usually have candy), he requested flowers. I bought some carnations, and the kids had fun making bouquets after the pinata busted open.
We had a vet out for our pig and I had him look at my cornish x's. He said they look fine and normal, and that they are just dirtier than other chickens -- exactly what you said!
Well, I guess I was thinking diarrhea because the feathers around their bottom look wet-ish and black/dirty. You know, maybe it's because they are cornish crosses and are always pooping and laying down in it. My layers look fine.
My only advise is to price out feed in your area beforehand. We're using organic feed and it is SO pricey! I've been out planting seeds all day today, so that we'll grow our own feed before the next batch of chickens! I do think it's a good idea to have at least a couple layer chicks in with your meat chicks, so that your kids have some to get attached to. Our cornish cross hens were white, so we got black and orange layers -- easy for my young kids to know which are...
I apologize for the less-than-appetizing post, but I hope someone here can help answer my question. My meat chickens have diarrhea but otherwise appear healthy. How do I know if they are safe to eat? This is our first year with meat chickens. We were planning on butchering next weekend.
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