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I'm American. In my husband's culture (Japan) the woman goes back to her hometown to be with her own mother. She stays inside for one month while her mom "mothers the new mom" I totally wish I had such an opportunity. My son was born here in the states. My mom came after he was born. I love my mom, but I admit she was kind of at a loss as to what to do. I told her that I am not supposed to be driving per instruction of the hospital. She thought it was pretty...
I'm not Black or African, but I wouldn't buy it, either.
My son did that around 7 or 8 months in the high chair. It looked like he was curling a dumbell to do forearm curls. LOL!
Thanks for the responses and all the great ideas. Also good reminder that it should be foods he's had already. My son drinks from his cup with a straw, so I think a smoothie will work.
(I read the off-topic sticky and think this question suits this forum more than the healthy eating forum. but pls move if it's inappropriate) I've saw a picture of a toddler drinking a "green smoothie" in the Mothering magazine. How interesting! My son has been eating solids since he was 6 months and now at 9 months he eats lightly steamed carrots and bit sized fruit chunks (finger foods) I'd love to try a "green smoothie" Has anyone tried this with the babe? ...
Oh Mamaluu, Mamaluu! I swear I could have written that exact same post a few months ago. Really, I feel for you. My life was EXACTLY the same. My son is now 9 months and things are better. Much better. Month 5 was almost the breaking point for me. The change happened around 7 months. Hang in there! My son also didn't nap or sleep at night, and even now I don't do anything during his nap time but either sleep next to him or just relax and try to gather my...
April Dawn, I understand how you feel.
I'm still new to posting. I'm a Alaska Native, Tlingit here! Glad to see other Native moms.
Nice thread! I'm also thin, althought not as skinny as some of you. I'm just glad I found a tribe where I dont' have to hide my size. I was in great shape throughout pregnancy and quickly lost the weight after birth without trying. I think it's a combination of skinny genes (thanks grandma), and breastfeeding (baby LOVES the breast). I'll post more later...baby's awake!
I also used the moby since birth. He also cried whenever not in the wrap so I had to do everythign with him in it. We also lived on the second floor and I had him and a laundry basket to take down to the apartment laundry room basement. I also washed dishes and prepared lunch/dinner. I just didn't cook. I vacumed because he liked the sound and I even went poop/pee. I didn't plan to wear him that much, but it was the only way he wouldn't cry. The wrap wa a total...
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