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PaganMommy, I am SO sorry that you feel such anguish over your son's circ. No one should have to feel that way... My oldest son is circ'ed and youngest is intact. I really though nothing of having DS circ'ed (no flames please, I know better now) and sent him off to have the procedure done when he was 10 days old, so he would "match his daddy". I never knew how they circ'ed a baby until I watched the videos this week and it about killed me. I can't believe I let...
Well, we've already had thanksgiving in Canada, but I'll join your challenge anyway. 5 lbs, by Thanksgiving sounds great! I'll aim for that and doing some cardio at least 4 days a week...heading to the gym now!
ITA with all the advice you've gotten. My DS (almost 6) is the same way...but he understands that I won't talk to him if he can't talk to me without whining or yelling. Good Luck~
That is just FABULOUS news! Hugs~
here's some so you can get a
I do not allow my kids to climb up the slide, whether I am watching them or not, or whether we have the playground to ourselves or not. For one, it's just not safe and second, I do not want to send mixed messages letting them know that it's only O.K. sometimes (empty playground) but not at others. So, they are simply not permitted to do it. Christyne
I have two special needs kids, one more than the other. Lauren was born with aortic stenosis and a bicuspid aortic valve (congenital heart defects) and underwent cardiac catheterization at 8 months to correct the problem. She's now 9 1/2 going on 20 with no problems whatsoever! Jonathan is 16 1/2 months old and was diagnosed in utero with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). He has had two open heart surgeries to date and countless procedures. He's our little...
Oh my! You are just a saint to put up with that! I am at my wits end with my MIL after a few hours, I can't imagine months - YIKES!!! If it were me I would have told her I'd be happy to BF in the bathroom just as soon as her meal arrived and she could join me. What an idiot. Kudos and Hugs~
IMO, people who don't want to respond to their baby's needs, shouldn't have a baby. Period. Hugs~
OMG! That is just apalling...those poor little babies. Co-sleeping saved my son's life. How sad for them. Hugs~
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